Monday, 30 November 2009

Potter From Late Of The Pier DJ and New song!!

Potter From Late Of The Pier DJ

Potter From Late Of The Pier DJ

*Sam Potter from Late Of The Pier

*Lovely Potter visited in Japan in this September for DJ. This photo are his DJ Debut in London!! Yay!! We missed each other for a while. Potter started to live in London! He will try to do DJ more and more soon!!Or you can book him in your party!! Another Late Of The Pier boys still lives in Nottingham. Potter played some LOTP new songs!!It's amazing!! New single called 'Blueberry', the track will initially be released as a download on December 14, with a 12-inch vinyl release featuring another new song called 'Best In the Class' to follow in February. Can't wait!!
I poromised with potter, we will work lots soon!!

It's new single'Blueberry'

nikahrichards,Thank you for uploring it and use the photo,which ross is wearing QOS T!!
More below. sorry, I don't know who had taken it... no credit,, but Thanks.

Late Of The Pier

Late Of The Pier

I found a interview lately,sam wear QOS jumper at Creamfields Calm.
I didn't know it at all.Lovely cool,kings,thanks lots of love!!

Mii & Sam from Late Of The Pier & Mami
This photo from Mii.


Rizumi at la reine reinette Osaka

Rizumi at la reine reinette Osaka

Rizumi at la reine reinette Osaka

*Photo&Text By Yuri Hirai from la reine reinette Osaka
*It's order From

Yuri from La Reine Reinette Osaka have sent me these photo.
Rizumi got the QOS mohair jumper at the store, and she tryed to do model on here.
Thank you so much.
She is suite it very well!
It's only stock at La Reine Reinette Osaka in Japan.
Bule one is last one stock now.Mustard version are still stock in a few.
Please contact
Web :

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club at The Lexington & British Anthems Live Show Japan

Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club

*Alex Trimble
*Vocal and Guitar from Two Door Cinema Club
*Myspace :

*I really listened Two Door Cinema Club lately. When we got in the venue,Two Door Cinema Club played as a suport band for Cymbals Eat Guitars!I was so excited to see them. But It was only 2 songs,,,I missed most songs,,,sad.I knew them most 1 years but they lives in Northern Ireland,didn't often play in London.I was the first time to see them,finally.I really want to see them again soon! Alex's jacket was so lovely!!Below is my favorite songs!!

*Two Door Cinema club will play at BRITISH ANTHEMS LIVE SHOWS 2009 in Japan on 6 December.
OPEN 13:00 / START 14:00 ¥6,500yen(tax in/all standing+2drink charge)
INFO:Creativeman 03-3462-6969

Line Up is so amazing!!I really wanna go!!
Don't miss if you are in Tokyo!!

Martin from The Answering Machine
*Martin from The Answering Machine

*The Answering Machine will play in there as well!! It was old photo for Queens Of Sounds!! Remind me!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Joseph Ferocious from Cymbals Eat Guitars & Yuki at The Lexington

Joseph Ferocious from Cymbals Eat Guitars & Yuki

*Joseph Ferocious & Yuki
*Vocal and Gitar from Cymbals Eat Guitars
*Myspace :

*Yuki's new favorite band "Cymbals Eat Guitars" from Brooklyn,New York play at The Lexington.She invited me the gig was completely sold out,even they independently released album.It was full of the Venue!!They are getting poplar in UK Now.Check the sounds!!
Joseph is 21-year-old guitarist, singer and principal songwriter.He managed the band his style! Amazing!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

QOS Mohair jumper at la reine Reinette

AL - QOS Mohair jumper

AL from Maths Class
AL from Maths Class

Rebecca from Slow Club
Rebecca from Slow Club

*It's very nice warm winter stuff!It's only limited small stock!
Don't miss it!
Please contact these stuff at la reine Reinette!!

*Address : MEBLO16 3F,1-16-1 Minami Horie Nishi-ku Osaka
*Web :
*TEL : +81(0)6-6536-2121

*QOS stuff at la reine Reinette online shop

11.21.2009 "HERBS vol.12" at reine Reinette

Don't miss this event if you are in Osaka!!

HERBS vol.12

2009.11.21.SAT. @club KARMA
ADV&FLYER - ¥2,300 / DOOR - ¥2,800 (w1D)
LAWSON TICKET;L code - 54704 (10/3~)
OPEN/START - 23:00

Hideki Kaji

sick& (UNCHAIN / Sound Scape)
N Y C (OBjequet)

D.O.K.I に あたりめ (MONOTONE)



Life Size Records


hyang soon

la reine Reinette

Kozzy at la reine Reinette Osaka Photo!
Kozzy on la reine Reinette Photo!

*QOS some stuff at la reine Reinette
*Address : MEBLO16 3F,1-16-1 Minami Horie Nishi-ku Osaka
*Web :

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

QOS autumn collection 09 - Alba part 2

Alba - Red Check hoody

Alba - QOS Strip shirt green

Alba - QOS Open front dress navy

*More Photo

*New Red check hoody's material is silk 100%.It's very comfortable than nylon and absolutely, good stuff!!
Stripe shirts green is new as well!
Open-front dress navy version is still good item now which can wear till spring by arrange inner stuff!!
Next year lucky colour is navy! Get some lucky from Queens Of Sounds!!
Everything is going well!!

QOS autumn collection 09 - Alba part 1

Alba - QOS Groovy Number T x QOS vest hoody

Alba - QOS Groovy Number T

Alba - QOS Border lapel Cardigan

*More Photo
*Vest hoody is finally available now!It can arrange with long sleeve t-shirts and all season type.
Also,lapel cardigan is good hit item for Queens Of Sounds now!!

Red one as well Available now!!
Andrew Faley from Late Of The Pier
*Faley from Late Of The Pier

Everything is going well!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1