Sunday, 24 May 2009

QOS Party on 28th June at Hoxton bar and Kitchen!!- Tahiti80,Hanjiro,The Jacks!!

QOS Party on 28th June at Hoxton bar and Kitchen!!Come to see us!!

*QOS Party on 28th June at Hoxton bar and Kitchen!
Super Amazing Line- up!!

Address :
2-4 Hoxton Square,
N1 6NU

Tel: 020 7613 0709

Nearest public transport : Old Street

Time Table.
Door : 7:30 8:20-8:50 - The Jacks
9:05-9:35 - Hanjiro
9:50- 10:20 Tahiti 80(Special acoustic show)
Line up :
Tahiti 80 :

Hanjiro :

The Jacks :

Addmission : 5pounds on the day / 3 pounds, mail to 

Please come the fantastic night!
If you are in Japan and not come in London,Don't miss Tahiti 80 for Summer Sonic!!
All my love

TAHITI 80 : All around - Taratata
TARATATA N° 303 (Tour. le 30/10/08 / Diff. France 4 le 06/03/09)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Cecile -- It's Special QOS Dress not for sale

Cecile -- It's Special QOS Dress not for sale

Cecile -- It's Special QOS Dress not for sale

Cecile -- It's Special QOS Dress not for sale


*It's Special QOS Dress!!It's amazing round dress!!
Unfortunately,It's not able to sell at the moment.
But it's quite nice stuff. I will find some way to make lots and provide soon!
How do you think? It's good for girls?
I'm try to make some new design for girls now.
Can't wait to show you soon.
Thank you so much for amazing model,Cecil, lovely!!
x x x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Jacks at The Lock Tavern

The Jacks
Dom Goldsmith does Vocals and Acoustic Guitar,Paul Colley does Vocals and Bass,Jack Gourlay does Electric Guitar,Martin Rooney does Drums

*The Jacks

*My Friend Martin got in the band "The Jacks" as a drummer!!
They played Kai from Mystery Jets night called "Madhouse" at The Lock Tavern.
That's an amazing pop cute sounds!! They are my new favorite band! yeah!!
And they are so friendly and nice like theirs sounds!So fun the night!!
Check the sounds!!!!
Also,left boy Dom wear QOS new polo shirts.They will be details and available very soon!
Sure,Mystery Jets all member was there,,sorry kapil's photo away....
Blaine looks well,happy to them as well.

Debut single "Not me not you" on 27th June!!

Kai & Will from mystery Jets

Blaine from mystery Jets & Mystery Jets Big Fan Yuki

*Myspace :

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge DJ set

Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge
Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80

Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge
Xavier has a watering can!!

Reebok Staff & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge
Reebok Staff & Xavier at Reebok lounge showroom

*Tahiti 80
*Web :
*myspace :

*That was so amazing place and a nice time,Thank you so much for invite.Mederic & Xavier did DJ for Reebok Party in London.He played 60's sounds and some electric stuff mixed. Someone played Ride song. He run away to dance floor.Yeah I do.Lots of nice song we really enjoy at there!Also,I'm very happy Mederic & Xavier wear QOS suff at there.So cool.
Tahiti 80 fashionable in Japan,they do corroboration with Levi’s.
Details below!! Amazing and so cute a poket for guitar pick!!

Levi’s ×TAHITI 80 Special 505 Model in Japan!!
It's second time corroboration!!

*As French pop band Tahiti 80 wrap up their recent Asian tour to promote their 2008 Activity Center album, the group had the the good fortune of lining up with Levi’s on a commemorative Levi’s 505 model. The unconventionally fitting denim features a number of highlights and details such as a striped gadget pocket and keychain as well as a bright red top button. In a final touch, each pair also comes with a Tahiti 80 guitar pick. Available now at
(source from

*More Detail photo etc...

But Sold out!!
I wanted it!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tahiti 80 at Hoxton Bar And Kitchen

Xavier & Pedro from Tahiti 80
Xavier & Pedro

Sylvain from Tahiti 80

Xavier from Tahiti 80

Pedro from Tahiti 80

*Web :
*myspace :

*I've not seen them lately since 3 years ago.I was waiting!Tahiti 80 from Paris!They are a french band sing in English, the sounds are pure sweet lovely melody.They have encountered a fair amount of success in Japan for debut album"Puzzle"on 2000 to now.They will play at Summer Sonic in this summer!!It's 3 times already!Yeah,one of popular french band!
Actually,I would often meet Xavier in Paris at somewhere when I was living in there.It's long time ago,I met them at first time.
Then, I was just living in Paris, I couldn't speak French and English at all. I need my friend of translation.So,I'm happy to speak with them by my terrible french.
We got old from then and grow up.
I'm 10years fan already for them!!
Good things!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Televised Crimewave & Kapil from Mystery Jets & Yuki at The Victoria

Televised Crimewave
Televised Crimewave

Tom & Dan from Rob from Televised Crimewave
Tom & Dan

Kapil from Mystery Jets & Yuki
Kapil from Mystery Jets( & Yuki

Craig with a free poket tissie from Japan, you will get more and more on the street in Tokyo!

All Photo : Yuki & Wendy

*Televised Crimewave
*Myspace :

*Televised Crimewave's EP was relesed in Japan!!Congratulations!!
It's good amazing news from them!Hopefully,they will play in Japan soon.
The guitarist Rob had already visited in Japan before 3years ago.
He was enjoy in there,especially Spa town Nikko and really expect to get back with the band mate.Cool! I really wish you will be there soon!
Also,They will do suporting for Mystery Jets in Manchester on July!
Kapil was pop in the venue at the night.I met him another party a few hour ago, and again to see him at TVC gig. He was so drunk!! but so fun.
Mystery Jets Big fan Yuki was so excited to see him and did play "Two Doors Down" drum part on the table together!Nice Nice!!
Hopefully,we can see TVC for suporting for Mystery Jets in London soon!
Thank you all for here xxxx

HMV in japan!!!! yes way! xxx
Japanese E.P out already now!! It's HMV in japan! Congratulations!!

Televised Crimewave "Listen and Repeat" cool promotion video!

Mystery Jets Big fan Yuki's recommand video!!"Two Doors Down "

Kapil is a fun guy!!

Late Of The Pier at SUP Magazine!

Late Of The Pier at SUP Magazine!

Late Of The Pier at SUP Magazine!
Photo : Ben Rayner

SUP Magazine

*Late Of The Pier
*Web :
*myspace :

*I found Ross's nice shot on SUP Magazine at Records Store!Fantastic!!
It's good quality free magazine!
Thank you so much for nice shot!!
So happy!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1