Wednesday, 30 April 2008

POP LEVI at Water Rats


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*Pop Levi is absolutely a really sexy guy. He was the really funny on this shooting. He climb up a shake chair on Table. He was little bit drunk after his show. He is so nice and fun. He checked these photo, he was satisfied. Yes, It’s a nice shot he made his space on there. Also, It's really suite coordinate his white suits and blue T-shirts and hat. It was Pop Levi’s rave night as well his show.
I thought he is American, but he was born in London and lives in LA now. His feeling was really friendly like American for me. Cheers lots. He could back in UK for performing the show at sometimes. When He will play in London, Check his show. Also, he never been to Japan, he will expect to visit in there one day. Good Luck!!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Plastic Passion at The Legion



*Mike Frank,Lemmi Eaton,Glenn Clift
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*Thiers gigs was so fun. Sounds is kind of punk and mixed ska and new wave. Its feel modern sounds. They play very well even 3 peace thou. I could recommend them to you.
They has toured up and down the country playing over 100 shows (honestly), with the likes of Blood Red Shoes, Foals, Jack Penate, Hadouken and more recently 30 Seconds To Mars at the Hammersmith Apollo.
They has a already contract with Japanese Nagoya label called File-Under Records.
Theirs album will be released in this June from the label.
Please check from now!

Plastic Passion at The Legion

Video By Queens Of Sounds

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Kai From Mystery Jets & Tramp at home

Kai Fish from Mystery Jets

*Kai Fish
*Mystery jets
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*It’s for long time no on page! Kai is back on this page with Mystery Jets new album “TWENTY ONE”. It’s great album. You must get one and listen it. You will be happy.
This photo is at Kai’s new house, he wear on QOS Colour full button shirts. She is really suite it.
Well, you can watch Kai’s house introduce on youtube by BBC6 below.
Check it out!
Lately, kai produce a band called “Tramp”. They are Kai’s close friends since theirs high school.

I introduce you below.
Also, Tramp confirmed QOS Party on 29 June at Notting hill arts club.
Please come down our Party.

Oh,,,Mystery jets will play at Fuji Rock festival in this year!
Don't miss all japanese fan!



Bogart 'Happy Bambi!'Chloe has Verigo Bag Pink HandleMartin from Tramp


Monday, 21 April 2008

Hadouken! at Camden Crawl Bar Vinyl Video

*James from Hadouken!
*Photo by rob evans photography

Dan from Hadouken!
*Daniel "Pilau" Rice from Hadouken!

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*Hadouken! It’s getting to be popluar band day by day and more and more in the world. They will go to summer sonic Japan in this summer as well the last year. They will be amused Japanese fan again. Debut album, I’m waiting and waiting for age.
I can’t wait it. James wear QOS T-shirts in some his stage. I’m really happy. Thank you so much.I don’t have a new design T at the moment for him. I’m making some design. I hope they would like it.
So, I’ve been see intimate gig in Camden Crwal Bar Vinyl which is really tiny space. I got a video, Check it out!

Video By Queens Of Sounds

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Lo-Fi-Fnk at Camden Crawl Electric Ballroom Video

*Photo by ClubMotherfucker

*August Hellsing,Leo Drougge
*Lo-Fi-Fnk X Queens Of Sounds Photo

I’ve been pushed them especially on my site when they would often come to London for debut album tour from Stockholm. I have some sweet memories with them. They wear some my clothes on theirs gig. I can’t forget I met them at first time They were really kindly and how lovely & sweet. I’m happy theirs success at all the time.
But I couldn’t see them for age, so they were making another album and America tour lots. Not in London. Missed lots. Well, Today, I’ve been to see there’s more power up gig at Camden Crawl at Electric Ballroom. It was so amazing. it was so fun! August Dance is still great!And I could listen a new song. I took the Video. Check!
I watched already lots of time now!
So, I wish we could do something again soon with a new cute drummer too.
I can't wait new album.
Tack Tack for a great show!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

We Are Scientists released 2nd Album "BRAIN THRUST MASTERY "!

Keith from We Are Scientists

*Keith Murray
(On Back : Chris Cain)
*Vocal,Guitar from We are Scientist
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*Keith, welcome on page! Congratulations!/ New Album "Brain Thrust Mastery" released. I really like We Are Scientists. They gave me and lots of people some courage and fun. And they taught me Don’t give up dream on the first album “With Love and Squalor”
They were getting well young generation band and respect.
I’ve been really enjoy their performance and success story. So, they come back with 2nd Album "Brain Thrust Mastery" Unfortunately, former drummer Michel left thou. He is currently collaborating with Luke Top and listed as "voice / hand drum.
So, I really wanted ask Chris on this page, his security was disturb even thou Keith said "Yeah, Sure" on Photo, he is really friendly and nice. His security tried to stop doing but he wanted this photo after all! We don't have a chance to take some shoot with Chris. He just watched us behind Keith, it was something stupid happen. The security have to promote lots for them more and more! Anyway they will be on this page at sometime very soon, I hope.
Anyway, Keith has new colour scarf. It's spring stuff!

New Album"Brain Thrust Mastery"

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Televised Crimewave at The Metro

Dan from Televised Crimewave
*Photo : Mami Togo

*Daniel Wilson
*Vocal From Televised Crimewave

*My friends Eri & Mami recommend at first the band.
???? I couldn’t remind the band name. They say ex-Black wire.
AHH,,,, I’ve been missed them lots! I’m glad to him again!!
So, Dan come back on the scene, more be powerful and strong energy. He still cute.
I used to see him lots on his stage as the band called Black Wire. They were split on 2007.
And now he got a new band “Televised Crimewave” which name it difficult to remind for me.
I repeat to say the name lots.
Sounds is really cool, Dan’s performance is perfect and really passionate.
I was looking for the band like him. Rock rock!Please check the video below my favorite song “Fire & Flower”
I asked him to appear on this site in this page in future again.
Proper shooting more!! Please!
He kindly send me his lovely illustration. He has lots of talented.
It’s amazing!

Dan's Lovely Illustration.

Televised Crimewave " Fire & Flower " at 93

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Second Royal Party at Tokyo in Japan

Hideki Kaji & Osanai from Second Royal At Second Royal Party

Dj : Hideki Kaji
Osanai from Second Royal Owner(nice label in Japan)

Yuri Hirai from Reinette
*Yuri Hirai from la reine Reinette
*Web :

Mieux-Mieux At Second Royal Party
*Mieux-Mieux with QOS x Reinette Cardigan

At Second Royal Party
*All person wear QOS X Reinette Cardigan!

*More & Big image

* *I received these nice picture from Japan. Hideki played in Japan and this after party picture. Its looks so fun. If I could make it,,,,I heard some people are wearing QOS stuff and some people are getting start to interesting QOS Stuff. Some people brought these stuff on there, thank you so much.And thank you so much for sending me kindly cheers message from some nice people and old my friends.I'm really happy.I keep to going on my way for your guys!!More cheers me! xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hideki Kaji at Last day in London - QOS x Renette Cardigan by Christoffer Rudquist

Hideki Kaji at  Last day in London -  QOS x Renette Cardigan By

Hideki Kaji at  Last day in London -  QOS x Renette Cardigan By

*Hideki Kaji
*Singer song writer

Japanese Brand Reinette x QOS collaboration cardigan
*la reine Reinette(

*Photographer : Christoffer Rudquist
*Web :

*It's another version Hideki Kaji at Last day in London by Swedish photographer Christoffer Rudquist. He used to live in Japan and now living in London.
I met him in Queens Of Sounds Party at first. He is really nice guy.
He took Hideki's picture old antique camera.
Such a really really cool one.
He have taken a photo for Cornelius. He take a beautiful picture, you can see his site.

Friday, 4 April 2008

QOS x Reinette Cardigan Flyer in Japan

QOS x Reinette Cardigan Front Flyer in Japan

QOS x Reinette Cardigan Back Flyer in Japan

*Please click on image will be more big.

*QOS x Reinette Cardigan Back Flyer in Japan
*Reinette :

*Yuri from a clothes brand Reinette from Osaka in Japan made a catalog flyer. She chooses all pictures and did editing. How amazing I think it appears her taste and sense.
I really love someone's taste on Queens Of Sounds which will be loved by lots of people and be happy. So, Number motif means lots of people and be happy actually.
I made the concept at first.
These flyers will be provide Hideki kaji's gig and some records shop or somewhere in Japan.Please get it!
Thank you for helping it.
Also, if you could help me to provide these flyer, Please send me an email.

About the persons in the flyer.
*Hideki Kaji :
He will play at Shibuya Tokyo in Japan 5th April! Tomorrow!

*Jack Bevan from Foals :
Foals / Midnight Juggernauts Japan Tour in May & Fuji Rock!
14 May 2008 Club Quattro Osaka
15 May 2008 Liquid Room Tokyo
16 May 2008 Bottom Line Nagoya
Info :

*Simon from The Sigma :
The sigma have an ep being released in Japan from 1977 records on May 31 st!

*Shinya Ohkuma
He is a DJ in Japan will released mix CD from reinette soon.

*Jun Imanish
He is my old friend in Japan. He looks so fine!

Thank you so much for everything all.

Big appriciate!


Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Hideki Kaji at Last day in London - QOS x Renette Cardigan

Hideki Kaji at  Last day in London -  QOS x Renette Cardigan

Hideki Kaji at  Last day in London -  QOS x Renette Cardigan

Hideki Kaji at  Last day in London -  QOS x Renette Cardigan

Hideki Kaji at  Last day in London -  QOS x Renette Cardigan

*Hideki Kaji
*Singer song writer

Japanese Brand Reinette x QOS collaboration cardigan
*la reine Reinette(

*Hideki left already in London. He took me his memorial place in London for shooting of QOS x Reinette collaboration cardigan catalog flyer.
First and second place at Georges which place is Jammy Oliver and Damon from blur favorite place.
Address: Georges Portobello fish bar
329 Portobello Rd

Third Picture location is near fish bar place, back building is famous as Mick Jones's band "Big Audio Dynamite's Cover Location!
Hideki used to be lived around place.

Forth Picture is at canal around the area.
It does continue to Camden for 2hours walk.

Hideki Will Play in Tokyo on 5th April.
It's very soon!
Please catch up there if you are in Shibuya Tokyo o-crest!
Check organizer Second Royal Records Info
Also,you can get QOS X Second Royal Records T-shirts,Bag,Hoodie from there.
Hideki Kaji & Second Royal x QOS

Check Info ---->

You can get QOS Badge set in there.
QOS Badge!
Please get them!!

Thank you so much.

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1