Friday, 30 May 2008

Sam from Late Of The Pier inteview at The Great Escape!

Sam from Late Of The Pier interview. cute hair style!

FLY TV Late Of The Pier @ Great Escape

*Sam eastgate from late Of The Pier
*My Space :

**My Friend Rie taught me some Video for Sam wear on QOS T has interview at The Great Escape!
It’s really super cool! Thank you so much!! He is always hot!
I heard theirs show was completely full in these show.
I keep making design for them!
Well, Sam wear the new change over 5 colour number T!
Potter used to wear on white 5 colour number T version!
It was inspired from LOTP songs!! Lots of thrilling sound change.
Sam looks change hair style! So cute!
Thank you at any time! Keep well!!
Lots of Love xxxxx

Potter  from Late Of The Pier  wear QOS new T at Brighton
*My Space :

*Another TV interview and Live

Highlights of Corsa Bandstand Steered by Sunday Best

Operator Please & Brighton The Great Escape

Timmy from Operator Please

*Drum from Operator Please
*Web :
*Myspace :

*They are getting popular in UK from Australia. They play powerful sounds and give us lots of young energy.
They will go to Japan with BROOKLYN (from France),Envelopes (from Sweden) very soon!
Don’t miss it!! if you are in Japan.
*5 May at SUNSUI Osaka
*7 May at UNIT Tokyo Daikanyama

So, Brighton The Great Escape is 3days big festival in Brighton UK.
It was so bad weather and cold in this year.
I really enjoy and My best act was Vampire Weekend! It was so nice show.
I heard lots of people couldn’t get in the venue from a few hour ago.
I think it’s worth show.

I took pics.

Vampire Weekend at Concord2

We are scientists under the sky and seagulls in Brighton.

We Are Scientist at Brighton The Great Escape "The Great Escape"

And “The Great Escape” We are scientists has the same title song. So, they came to play it as a secret act.
It was so fun them under the sky and seagulls.
They did my site last month!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Envelopes at Brighton

Henrik From Envelopes

*Henrik Orrling
*Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards from Envelopes
*Web :
*Myspace :

*I was really waiting theirs second album! Finally it out! Also, Japan debut album “Envelopes” come out already on 21 May from Kurofune Records.
Congratulations! Some Swedish bands are really popular in Japan, So, they will grab of fan from there!
They will go to play in Japan very soon!
Henrik is really exciting to go there at first time.
They will stay a week in Japan, and they has a plan to go Ghibli Museum. And eat Sushi!
So,Please come down to see them if you are in Japan. You can get a sweet lovely songs from them!
*5 May at SUNSUI Osaka
*7 May at UNIT Tokyo Daikanyama
With BROOKLYN (from France),OPERATOR PLEASE (from Australia)

Check Check!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Delays at KOKO

Greg Gilbert from Delays
Photo : Mii Yatogi

Greg Gilbert from Delays
Photo : Tomomi Suzuki

*Greg Gilbert
*Vocal,Guitar from Delays
*Myspace :
*Web :

Delays 'Everything's The Rush'

*Delays relesed 4th Album 'Everything's The Rush'.It's getting to be succuess album now.It's getting to be success album now.I has been listened from debut album.
They still play sweet pop electro melody.I really like Greg’s delicate high voice. It’s amazing.And I’m really happy Greg on here.
It’s photo at KOKO backstage where after theirs show.
Greg looks so satisfied and sweet smile.
Please Check theirs album and new video below.
Thank you these photo by Tomomi & Mii

Delays 'Hooray'

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Official Shopping site in Japan from below site!

shopping site in Japan from below site!

*Official Queens Of Sounds Shopping Cart Site in Japan!

*site :

*Shopping site

*Finally, I had finished to make it, long time....Sorry it was convenience for age. I still would happy as well mail order. You can choose your way.
It's easy keep in touch from
I hope the site would help you to get them more easy.

Thank you so much for supporting lots.
For overseas site will be finished soon.
If you need it asap, I could send you detail.
I'm happy any question send me.

Enjoy in your cordinate!

Lots of Love xxxxx

Friday, 23 May 2008

Doping Panda from Tokyo in UK!!

Yutaka Furukawa from Doing Panda
vo.&g. Yutaka Furukawa (YTK/rock star)

Hayato  from Doing Panda
ds.&cho. Hayato (8810/handsome guy)

Kikuchi san is designer  &  Yutaka  from Doing Panda
Mototoshi Kikuchi art director from Tokyo & Yutaka

*Web :
*Myspace :
*Member : vo.&g. Yutaka Furukawa (YTK/rock star)
b.&cho. Taro Houjyou (trotti /base ball player)
ds.&cho. Hayato (8810/handsome guy)

*They are big popular band from Tokyo, Japan. I heard theirs sales and gig are always very very well in Japan.
They played some big festival and lots of people couldn’t get in the venue. Full and Full.
They started to provide theirs popular in UK now. They had play UK tour and Big festival in Brighton called “The Great Escape”. Audience reaction were very very well and got success.They will get back in UK very soon. I will hopefully ask to play in my party. They are amazing. So, They don’t still have lots of fun in UK and another country. So, please add to friend on myspace.
Also, my old friend Mr Kikuchi who designed art director for Doping Panda and lots of famous band in Japan cover jacket.
Last time he came in London for doing exhibition. It’s all cool design. He released his art book in Japan. It’s book chart No.1! I introduce here some great works for him. I have to learn from him…..

*Mototoshi Kikuchi art director from Tokyo Web :

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Televised Crimewave at The Macbeth *****Special!

Televised Crimewave
Vocals:Daniel Wilson, Drums: Craig , Bass & Vox: Tom Greatorex , Guitar & Vox: Rob Bootle

Televised Crimewave

Photo by Mami Togo

*More Photo :

*sweeeeeeet LOve Dan xxxxxxxxxxx//////

Photo by Mii Yatogi

Dan from Televised Crimewave
*Funnnnnn LOve Dan ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ xxxxxxxxxxx//////

Video by Queens Of Sounds

*Televised Crimewave
*Myspace :

*Welcome come back Dan here! Televised Crimewave is one of my favorite band now!
Sounds are so cool and Dan's Perfomance is really fun and amazing! ♥ photo is my favorite.Thank you for taking the photo Mii!! I took a video.Please watch it!
♥ Dan is unexpectedly shy without stage on the second top photo?
Miss them & come back to see you soon and here! Check Check the sounds and the video and copy his dance and ♥!

Love xxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 19 May 2008

Mai on the Grass work




*Student in brighton

*I took some Picture for Mai like a photographer William Eggleston whose used by Primal scream's single 'Country Girl' cover or The Wannadies album 'Bagsy Me'(1997)!Both my favorite cover and music!
So, I asked him like these photo.
Mai love The Kooks he live in Brighton the same living place with the band now.
He made his original T for The kooks and he could see them in his town by accident lately.He looks so haapy then.
It's good enegry.
Thank you for some good pose.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Displacements at Camden

Andrew from The Displacements

*Vocal & Guitar from The Displacements
*Myspace :

*The Displacements was support for Late Of The Pier at Camden. They plays really pop catchy sounds from Leicester.
They have a contract with sift records which is the same label with The Enemy.
We met them at Kebab shop after award of the gig. As we were eating kebab, A black guy and White Guy and Woman got big battle then, They had throw Chair and glass and broken,,,, It was so scary….and be nervous!!
But some police guys came there and be calm.
So,, We spoke about it” scary lots and something” and theirs photographer wanted to take Video Blog on my camera and he took the afterward the battle in Kebab shop. There was a peace live it like nothing happen. It was so fun.
Check the funny video blog below.

Also, Theirs Video clip as well watching!It's lovely boys!Fun!
It was really remind me my favorite song video FairgroundAttraction – Perfect!!

They would love to wear my T.
So They might be back in page very soon!

Afteraward Late Of the Pier at Barfly

Mami has Faley's bass with LOTP staff!

*Mami Togo

*mami took some photo on this page at sometimes.Thank you so much.
So, She has a bass of faley. It's afteraward at barfly.
Behind person, he is staff of The Late Of The Pier. He asked us to hold theirs instrument for packing.It's heavey than I thoughts!
It's really cool Rock n Roll for mami.
When We had just fun then, Faley and potter was taken by interview.
TV staff told us "Please be quiet!"
We are so sorry....

Friday, 9 May 2008

Late Of the pier New Song Video "Focker " on 19 May Release!!

TV interview Faley & Potter From Late Of The Pier

Faley & Potter From Late Of The Pier
*Tv interview Faley & Potter at Barfly!!

Faley & Potter From Late Of The Pier
Faley & Potter at barfly!!

*Sam!! Photo by Duck in Fog (Tim)

At Nottingham gig
Video By

It's so amazing and fun promotion Video!

*late Of The Pier
*My Space :

*My love's come back here with theirs new single!!
When I watched the promotion video I had a lots of laugh.
I really like colour variation. It’s gave me lots of inspiration!
Please check it out!!
Also, Sam wear vertigo T his home town at Nottingham gig version!
Also, Faley wear vertigo T on TV interview!
You can on youtube in future if you are in UK onair is really soon.
Anyway,,they are really looking forward to seeing Japanese fan in Sommer Sonic!
You have to see them in there! Don't forget to listen before theirs singls.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I Say Marvin at Camden


*Sam power
*Vocal / guitar from I Say Marvin
*Myspace :

*Sam wear QOS Simple Hoodie black version, it's already available.
Please contact me if you can order.
It's really nice to wear for spring and all season in UK.
London's summer is sometimes cold. It's a useful item.
They are a band which based in Brighton. They play powerful and very well with catchy electro rock sounds. The gig is so amazing. The band profile is “During the ensuing months, the band thrilled audiences throughout the South West with their particular brand of funked-up pop, gaining fans and plaudits alike. After their appearance at the Ripcurl Unleashed Festival, supporting The Automatic and Feeder, local press described them as “the most vital band in the South West." From theirs myspace. So, you have to listen at once, gonna be crazy and feel refreshed.

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1