Saturday, 13 November 2010

Queens Of Sounds X'mas Party! Live:Kyte, Prantron,Ovum from JAPAN

Queens Of Sounds X'mas Party at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 12 December 2010

Super Happy Announce!!

Queens Of Sounds X'mas Party on 12 Dec 2010 at HOXTON BAR AND KITCHEN!!
- UK x JAPAN Music exchange!!

Super Special Happy Live-Up


Queens Of Sounds のクリスマスパーティがが12月12日に2010年にロンドン HOXTON BAR AND KITCHEN!!で開催いたします!!
今ロンドンではやりのJAPAN!! インディ音楽においてもモダンなJapanな音楽Partyは注目されなければなりません!!
- UK x JAPAN Music exchange!!

スーパー スペシャル ハッピー ライン ナップ
Super Special Happy Live-Up


Kyte are an electro indie pop group, from Leicestershire, England.
Kyte comprise Nick Moon (vocals), Tom Lowe (guitars and keyboards), Ben Cox (bass), Scott Hislop (drums). There earlier musical output was often labelled shoegazing (or neo-shoegazing) and post rock but they have since moved into a more elctro and pop influenced sound.

Their debut single, "Planet", was released in 2007, the b-side of which, "Boundaries", was used in a trailer for the television series The Sopranos in the United States.[4]Their debut album was released in 2008 on Kids Records (UK) / Erased Tapes Records (EU) to generally positive reviews.

The band toured the United Kingdom between March and May 2008 and appeared at some of the Summer festivals the same year.

In April 2009 they released their second album Science For The Living in Japan. The two disc Japan release featured tracks taken from their 2008 Two Sparks, Two Stars EP, with the remaining tracks being new material. The bonus disc included a remix from The Joy Formidable of the opening track on Disc 1 "Eyes Lose Their Fire". A UK release is to follow the Japanese release this year.

The band also performed at the 10th Anniversary Summer Sonic Festival in Japan.

From Wikipedia

From Japan

3rdアルバム "Dead Waves"を引き下げた9月末に来日公演も成功におさめ、未だ話題沸騰中の
NME が"彼らの曲は叙事詩的で、容赦なく美しい"と絶賛し、楽曲が米の人気ドラマ「ソプラノズ」のCMソングにも起用されるなど、デビュー前から欧米で話題を 集める。2007年デビュー・アルバム「KYTE」を日本先行でリリースすると日本でも瞬く間に大ヒットを記録し、現在もロングセラーを続けている。 2008年2月に同作がUK、ヨーロッパでもリリースされるとNMEでの8点という高評価を筆頭に、UK各誌でも大絶賛。2008年に行われた初のジャパ ンツアーでは東京の2公演を始め全公演ソールドアウトという伝説を残し、その後UKツアーやヨーロッパツアーも大成功を収める。
2009年4月に セカンド・アルバム『サイエンス・フォー・ザ・リヴィング』が記録的なセールスを残し、同年のサマーソニックでも圧巻のパフォーマンスでその人気を確立。 秋に2度目の来日を果たした。また、『サイエンス・フォー・ザ・リヴィング』に収録された「バウンダリーズ」は映画「余命一ヶ月の花嫁」にも使用され話題 となった。

彼らを日本で見たら5500円ですが、今回はQueens Of Sounds 清水です。(笑)





Date : 12th December 2010

Door : 7:30-

Ticket : £7 on the door
Advance £ 5 pounds with email to

Or Facebook Event Page I'm attending!

Organized by

Facebook fanpage!


It's Japanese Presents Game Machine "GARA GARA" for QOS X'mas Party!!

Kyte- 'Kyte-Sunlight'

Kyte Boundaries Live at Summer Sonic 09

KYTE- These Tales of our Stay Live @ Japan Summer Sonic Festival 2009


Please join these an amazing event!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Two Door Cinema Club!!Something can good work to QOS!!

Two Door Cinema Club - 10.21.2010 at Rockwood Music Hall
Two Door Cinema Club - 10.21.2010 at Rockwood Music Hall

*Two Door Cinema Club

*Great acoustic Session!! I ♥ Them!!

Super lovely sweet!
When I woke up in Morning, I hunch Something can good work to me!!
Sam is the Guitarist who wears Queens Of Sounds emblem Sweater jumper!!
Looks super amazing!!
Big Love to Thank you for Sam TDCC!!

I believed they throw away QOS clothes or offer Oxfam due to Kistune label.
I know French always jealose.
So, it's very feel obliged about it in shadow support.I'm always theirs big fan!!
I wish something to do for them in one day again!

It's Super amazing session!!
Why Alex's voice is so beautiful?!!
I like to make me relax one!!♪♪♪

Well, don't forget Two Door Cinema Club Japan Live Additional date at Womb!!
But All already Sold Out!! Great one!
More Additional Date?

17 February : Shibuya duo music exchange Tokyo
18 February : SOMA Osaka
19 February : Shibuya WOMB Tokyo

If you have already Tickets, Enjoy them!!
Amazing and great one!!

I had once DJ at WOMB long time ago!!
Ha,,, It's nice venue!!

思 えばちょうど1年前にAlexがこのページに出てくれてその時もかなりのテンションあがってました。いまだ私の想い冷めやまず、さらにBig fanに なってます。しかし彼らもKistuneの社長さん厳しい方だし、フレンチはジャールーズなのは当たり前の性格でKistune着なきゃでQOSはもう とっくに破棄されてたと思っていましたよ。なので今回は恐縮ながらにも本当にうれしい。彼らが売れてるとかでなく彼らの曲本当に好きなんでね。次回の Kistuneの新作はキツネのロゴ拡大にされて高級セーターにつけて売り出されてたりして。Noといえない日本人な私。

It's Super amazing session!!

そして忘れてはならない Two Door Cinema Club 2011年2月 来日公演、追加公演のWombもさささーーっと即売り切れ。恐るべしTDCC!
Two Door Cinema Club来日公演詳細

東京追加公演: 2011/2/19(土) @ 渋谷WOMB
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
前売りTICKET: 5,000円(オールスタンディング/税込)別途1ドリンク代
INFO: クリエイティブマン(03-3462-6969)

東京: 2011/2/17(木)@ 渋谷duo music exchange 【SOLD OUT】
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
前売りTICKET: 5,000円(税込/All Standing/1Drink別)
INFO: クリエイティブマン(03-3462-6969)

大阪: 2011/2/18(金)@ SOMA
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
前売りTICKET: 5,000円(税込/All Standing/1Drink別)
INFO: キョードーチケットセンター(06-7732-8888)


Lately, I watched them in UK TV program live on youtube!!

Cool cool cool!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Chika with her Art works!!

Chikako with her art & QOS Dress
Her Art with QOS wool dress! Which is very warm stuff! Stock a few left! hurry!!

Chikako with her window art with QOS lapel Cardigan
Her art on Carnaby Street shop window!

Chikako with her art with QOS lapel Cardigan

Chikako with her design dress with QOS lapel Cardigan
It's her textile!

Chikako with her art with QOS lapel Cardigan at Canela
Canela near Carnaby Street London.

*Chikako Tokuno
*Fine - Artist

*Chika chan is my next class room mate in my college.
We spoke about college things and complain,,haha.
She wear QOS clothes in most day!! it's very suite for her!!
I'm very happy about it!
And I wear QOS as well!!
She graduate Chelsea college BA fine art. She is amazing drawing!
We learn to be diffident t with art now due to visa!! Completely Annoying!
But We can go to dinner after college sometimes which has a nice relax time!!
And Chika took me to nice Portugal bar where is so yummy!!

She came down to Last QOS party!
She really like KOWALSKI sounds and bought CD with signing so play theirs songs at Work Place!

Kowalski – Take Care, Take Flight EP

So, We have a long winter holiday now!! We can go to somewhere travel in next time!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1