Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Hideki Kaji at Shibuya Lush Japan & New Album soon!

Hideki Kaji at Shibuya Lush Japan
Photo : Yumi Takakura

*Hideki kaji
*Singer Song Writer
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/hidekikajiofficial

*My friend Yumi found Hideki at Maths Class Gig in Shibuya!! She didn't expect to see him at there.He wore QOS Polo shirts!It's so cool! Thank you Yumi for sending the photo!
Well,I heard Hideki on the hit Movie "Detroit Metal City" (wear with QOS cardigan)
will show in 24 country which might be in UK soon. Rivers Cuomo from Weezer said about that movie is great at his gig in Japan lately!Can't wait to see it!!
Also, Hideki's Single "Amai Koibito" "Satugai" for the film theme song was hit chart No.6 in the first week!Congratulation!!
And from his blog
My brandnew album is due to release on October 22nd in Japan!!
Included "Amai Koibito"(new mix) and "Raspberry Kiss" for the film called
DETROIT METAL CITY. Also Cornelius(Keigo O),Hirohisa Horie and Hirotaka Shimizu
(all Cornelius Group) played a couple of songs for the album!!
(I listened Cornelius new EP" Gum" is so amazing sounds!Please listen!!

"Brand New Album "LOLLIPOP" come out on 22 October!"

Detroit Metal City Talk show & "Amai koibito" Live at HMV

"Amai koibito"(Sweet Baby) promotion video

Friday, 26 September 2008

Queens Of Sounds Party next is 19th October Sunday!

Queens Of Sounds Party next is 19th October Sunday! Very Special line - up!!
Don't miss the day!!
It's gonna be amazing night!

Queens Of Sounds Party on 19th October at Hoxton bar & Kitchen

Weekender records special which from Look See Proof,Kingsize!
Both out Great album! Check it!!

Look See Proof - "Local Hero "

KINGSIZE "Amsterdam"

Hanjiro "Hello"

The Winter Club "The Big Trip "

Please come to see us! POP POP Night!

Also, Queens Of Sounds Compilation vol.
1 is out now!!
amazon is only 3 disk left!
http://www. amazon. co. jp/gp/product/B001BJ9VY0

Or Ask from http://www. kaff. co. jp/

So, if you are in London, Have a nice party on 19th October!


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo in Japan

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo

AL from Maths Class at Harajyuku Tokyo

Photo by KH

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mathsclass

*My friend Yumi send me Al's photo and message and review!! It’s beautiful and nice location. I guess there it’s temple called “Meijijingyu” at Harajyuku in Japan. Thank you so much for Al,Yumi,KH. I’m very happy They were really enjoy in Japan!
Please read below Yumi’s review! How sounds was really fun!
I recived another some maths enjoy gig message, Thank you so much!

*Maths class absolutely enjoyed staying in japan and now they do hope they would be back in japan to play soon.
Actually one of the menbers Piers is supposed to start learning japanese very soon,which made us happy.
Im looking foward to talking with him in japanese when he is back in japan next time.

The japan tour started in osaka and was going on in sendai&finally in tokyo.As you know they released their own EP in August in japan,that's why they were invited to come over.
A live at ShibuyaLush was so exciting and energetic!!!especially Tim was shouting&shouting and dancing&dancing brilliantly!Awesome!
They played some new songs this time,one of them hasn't got a name yet though.My favorite song 'Nerves' was greaaaaat to watch! Love it sooooo much!
The crowd there was pretty good.Before&after the gig all the members was being surrounded by the fans.All of menbers and fans looked so happy to see each other.
Anyway they are super friendly,such nice guys.We love them!
The next day they had an art performance at AND A aoyama and also played after that.It was beautiful&brilliant!
I cant wait to see them play in japan again.....Is it too early to say it?haha

As I heard from the members their favorite japanese food was cow's tongue in sendai.They said to me they anyway kept eating so much food everyday during thier stay in japan.Japanese food must've been delicious! They also enjoyed a bit shopping in Harajuku.
They seemed to be knackered on the last day coz of tiredness from tight schedule.
I hope they have more spare time to do more things if they come to japan again.Yeah,I really hope so.

Thanks very much for sharing such a great time with us!

Word by Yumi Takakura

Maths Class at AND A

Maths Class at ShibuyaRubyRoom

Photo by Yumi

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Jonathan from The Ruling Class at The Monarch

Jonathan from The Ruling Class

*Jonathan Sutcliffe
*Vocal from The Ruling Class
*Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/therulingclassuk

*I received some friends send me to enjoy Maths Class in Japan. So, I’ve been to see another class then, The ruling class! They are really my favorite band now! I can’t stop to listen theirs EP “TOUR DE FORCE” honestly! Actually, my friends from japan was really envy me to see them. So, I took some video below, check it. It’s so cool sounds and gig is amazing. Theirs sounds remind me like my first impression UK indie music and I’m now back to my music route. I feel really happy to share my sounds back from them. They will start to tour with The Charlatans as a support. Yes, Ill see both in London. It’s gonna be a massive my 90’s trip back day.
Thank you so much, Jonathan on here, I really respect his original my pace fashion.( Sorry,This picture doesn't mean lots though.)I can’t find around like him. I think it’s kind of new style from London.

The Ruling Class "Flower" at Catch bar

The Ruling Class "Sleeping Beauty"at Catch bar

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Tim Burgess from The Charlatans at Forever Heavenly

Tim Burgess from The Charlatans at Forever Heavenly

*Tim Burgess from The Charlatans
*HP : http://www.thecharlatans.net/
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/thecharlatans

*Tim's smile is really lovely.Thank you so much.
It was so amazing 90’s popular label Heavenly big party is 3days along with Themes Festival.
Most of artists from Heavenly played on the days. Tim from The Charlatans played as a DJ.
His band is not Heavenly. I guess he used to be sing with Saint Etienne title called “ I was born on Christmas day.” on 1993? It’s so lovely video and sounds.
I could see Saint Etienne show, Sarah Cracknell is still cute and lovely. It was amazing show, Tim didn’t sing with her though. I put the video "Nothing can stop us" below. Kylie Minogue sing that’s song as well her album. Sarah Cracknell sing with Hideki Kaji on QOS myspace page video song “Tokyo to London” on his first album.
Also, I could see a short film of Weekender “Flowered up” on the theater. And Andrew Weatherall’s DJ as well amazing.
So, I’m very happy, my teenager’s music was there. I really wanted to go these party again. Because when I was teenager I couldn’t go at the party like it. It was perfect days!
The charlatans will go to play in Japan in this November. Don’t miss them!!

16 November Tokyo Shinkiba STUDIO COAST(BRITISH ANTHEMS Headliner with Lightspeed Champion, Base Ball Bear, The Metros, Big Strides and The Troubadours )
17 November Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
19 November Osaka CLUB QUATTRO
More info : http://www.creativeman.co.jp/2008/BA11/index.html

The charlatans "The Misbegotten"

*Saint Etienne "Nothing can stop us" at Queen Elizabeth Hall

Sarah Cracknell


*Saint Etienne X Tim "I Was Born On Christmas Day" at 1993

*Heavenly brand new recommad young band Beggars.


Friday, 19 September 2008

Dan from Televised Crimewave drew and has QOS compilation inside booklet

Dan from Televised Crimewave drew and has QOS compilation inside booklet

*Daniel Wilson
*Vocal & dancer from Televised Crimewave
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/televisedcrimewaveuk

*Dan,Super thanks for drawing for QOS compilation lovely inside booklet! I was really impression when he watched the compilation and the booklet, he looks so happy!I really like his art works.I'm happy his work on the compilation and his band songs.
Good Job! and lately I recived message from Japan,please trun them on QOS page more!
I hope to do it as well thou...
So,Televised Crimewave's song 'Kids' is on QOS compilation Vo.1 #1 song!
They send me a funny video 'Kids' Please check below and buy the copy.
It's limited and getting less the stock.

Televised Crimewave 'Kids' Live!

QOS Compilation Buy from

Fastcut Records
la reine Reinette

*Tomorrow is "Q.O.S. Compilation-CD Launch Party in TOKYO" by MELODIC SUNSHINE!

"Q.O.S. Compilation-CD Launch Party in TOKYO" by MELODIC SUNSHINE
Date : 20 September , Saturday 24:00~5:00
Place : Shibuya Coins Bar 300 Tokyo Japan
Fee : 1000 Yen
info : m-sunshine.jugem.jp/
"Q.O.S. Compilation-CD Launch Party in TOKYO" by MELODIC SUNSHINE

"Q.O.S. Compilation-CD Launch Party in TOKYO" by MELODIC SUNSHINE

Support by UK-JAPAN 2008(The British Embassy and British Council)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Metros at The Macbeth

The Metros at The Macbeth

*Joe Simpson, Charlie Elliott from The Metros

*Teenager band The Metros which play sounds punk,funk,Rockabilly and dancerble mix!
Lots of energy,pop and cool so,be cheers!
they had been to a Big festival Summer Sonic Japan in this Summer!Joe wear Summer Sonic official Staff T shirts So, They did enjoy to play in this Summer Sonic Japan.
We could see Guide to Japan by The Metros on Youtube!It's so amazing and fun!Watch below video.Also, They played acoustic show at The Macbeth which below as well!!
The Metros debut album "More Money Less Grief" released finally now!

THE METROS in JAPAN Video! So amazing and Fun!!

The Metros at The Macbeth Acoustic Show!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Plastic Passion At Offset Festival

Lemmi Eaton from Plastic Passion at Offset Festival

"We Have Come So Far" at Offset Festival
Photo & Video by Ira Irencid

Plastic Passion at in front of Old Bule Last
At Old Bule Last

*Plastic Passion : Lemmi Eaton,Glenn Clift, Mike Frank
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/plasticpassionuk

*Oh,I'm suprised the photo of Plastic Passion at Offset festival! Lemmi wear on QOS 5 colour T!! That's amazing! I couldn't make it there but my friend Ira took some photo for me!!Thank you so much!She was really enjoy theirs show.
Well,I had a shooting with Plastic Passion at the other day in front of Old bule last.I got some shot which on QOS flickr site click the image to see more!
And I take a video for theirs cool song "It's been done" Check below!!
Plastic Passion's sounds is Queens Of Sounds Compilaton #2 "We Have Come So Far [Q.O.S. Mix]"!! It's really good on dance floor song!!It's compilation only 5 stock in Amazon now. (QOS Compilation on Amazon. jp)Please get it asap!!It's limited stuff! And you can order limited cotton bag! It's order from La reine Reinette with Plastic Passion sign card!Don't miss it!

Plastic Passion Drum Kit
QOS Sticker on Plastic Passion Drum kit!!Lovely.

Plastic Passion "It's been done" at Old Blue last

Monday, 8 September 2008

Late Of The Pier X QOS illustration by batterie soundscape & Kouya

*Ross Dawson "Rouge Dog Consuela" from Late of the pier Illustration by batterie soundscape

*Sam Potter from Late of the pier by Kouya
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/scrawlin

*Wooowoo!!!It's so amazing illustration pictures for Late Of The pier X QOS by batterie soundscape and Kouya. Thank you so much. I do love them! xxxx

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Late Of The Pier at Lowlands Festival 2008

*Ross Dawson “Rouge Dog Consuela
*Drum from Late Of The pier
*Photo by Bianca

*Andrew Faley
*Bass From Late Of The Pier
*Photo by Bianca

*Late Of The Pier
*myspace : http://www.myspace.com/lateofthepier
*Photo by Tonie

*I'm really happy to find Ross wear vertigo T & Faley wear Scribbles Number T-shirts in Lowlands Festival 2008 in The Netherlands. It's sooooo coooool. I love these photos and wanted to go there.
Thank you so much.

Late of the pier - Space in the woods @ lowlands 2008

Friday, 5 September 2008

Maths Class will go to play in Japan Tour Soon!!

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mathsclass

*A great model for QOS,AL is back in this page,and he has a great news!!
Maths Class will go to play in Japan Tour in next week!!Don't miss theirs hot energy and friendly characters if you are in Japan!
It's the same organizer "MELODIC SUNSHINE" for “Q.O.S. Compilation-CD Launch Party in TOKYO" on 20th Semtember at COINS BAR 300.(http://m-sunshine.jugem.jp/ )It's good accident.
So,I will take some shooting with AL for QOS new some design stuff after back him from Japan.So,I can't wait show them you then. It's gonna be cool stuff.
Enjoy in Maths Class gig!!So fun.

*Al X QOS photo below.

12 Sep 2008
TONE FLAKES Vol.12 - Unagidani Sunsui, Osaka Japan
13 Sep 2008
Somewhere in Umeda, Osaka Japan
15 Sep 2008 20:00
Club Shaft in Sendai, Miyagi Japan
17 Sep 2008 23:00
Shibuya Lush, Tokyo Japan
18 Sep 2008 20:00
Somewhere in Aoyama, Tokyo Japan

Maths Class - Nerves

Maths Class
Tim Sketchley - Vocals
Piers Cowburn - Synth + Vocals
Andy Davies - Guitar + Vocals
Aleksandar Damms - Bass
Michael Gartside - Drums

Don't miss lovely boys!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hideki Kaji in Japanese Movie "Detroit Metal City"

Hideki Kaji in Japanese Movie "Detroit Metal City"

Hideki Kaji in Japanese Movie "Detroit Metal City"

*Hideki kaji
*Singer Song writer and pop sounds producer.
*Myspace : www.myspace.com/hidekikajiofficial
*QOS x Reinette Cardigan :http://www.reinette-web.com/

*Hideki Kaji is on a hit Movie in Japan "Detroit Metal City" with QOS x Reinette Cardigan!My friends Yuri sent me a movie catalog book page for me. Hedeki wore the cardigan on there interview page!Thank you so much. and Some fan of Hideki from Japan asked me He wear the cardigan on there! Thank you so much for minding. I'm so happy.I couldn't see the movie yet, I heard Hedeki act as a 20 years old boy in there. But we don't really feel stange about it. He is forever young!! Also, Hideki made some song for the movie.That's so sweet song "Amai Koibito" which hit in Japan.and really funny video! check the below with Trailer.Sorry not in English, enjoy the image!Miss hideki in London!

Hideki Kaji "Amai Koibito"(Translation : Sweet Baby)

Detroit Metal City Trailer

Hideki Kaji "Raspberry Kiss" for the movie.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Mystery Jets at Rough Trade

Blaine from Mystery Jets
*Blaine Harrison
*Vocal,guitar and key.
*King of suite check shirts!Lovely.It's really good collaboration QOS X Rough Trade X blaine! I'm very happy you come back to play. I was really worry not to see you at some last gig! I received lots of message, “please Blaine is on QOS page!” I could see him in around lots. I don’t know why I didn’t speak about it. Shame. I hope he will be on this page lots in future!

Kai from Mystery Jets
*Kai Fish
*Bass and key.
*Kai is always kind of me. He is so fun and a amzing person.And he helped me to make QOS compilation. He did work for Tramp mixing lots.Please listen his work on the compilation!I really like his DJ always. Make some party lots with Tramp,please!

Will from Mystery Jets
*William Rees
*Guitar and Key, vocal for Young Love
*He has sushi toy with New Scribbles Number tote bag!He got it from fan. they played at Fuji Rock Japan in this summer.So, I think they got real sushi! I forgot to ask about how about in Japan.
When I meet them,They told me Fuji Rock was amazing!! So,i'm happy they got back to play there!Ill ask about it in next time!

Kapil from Mystery Jets
*Kapil Trivedi
*Nice drummer and charming person,kapil.I like his break dance! He is amazing dancer as well.He is fun as well. His birthday was 22th august. I couldn't make his birthday party. It's really shame. But they were really enjoy his party.Ill be next year!


More Mystery Jets x QOS Photo

I really like kai's old organ.amazing!

*"Half In Love With Elizabeth" out Now! get it's copy!instore gig was so amzing!!

And I really like Mystery Jets "Two Doors Down"

Non's I pod from Japan! I want it! listen Mystery Jets!
Non's I pod! I want it! listen Mystery Jets!


Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1