Friday, 27 June 2008

QOS Compilation will release on 30 July!

Queens Of Sounds Vo.1 Compilation

QUEENS OF SOUNDS vol 1 from KAFFREC in Japanese Compilation will release on 30 July!It's limited stuff!

I’m really happy announce to you about Queens Of Sounds Compilation CD in Japan in July!
It’s 1000 copy limited! and 50 copy special QOS design bag limited with CD.
It will buy it at Tower records,HMV,Union Disk in Japan and some retail records shop, and Amazon JP.
buy it here

QOS Compilation Cover limited 50 bag on 30 July
Limited Bag!

*** Lovely Songs Details *****

1. Kids (Televised Crimewave)
2. We Have Come So Far [Q.O.S. Mix] (Plastic Passion)
3. Edit/Select (I Say Marvin)
4. Syntax Error! (Tiger Force)
5. When It Gets Dark (Tin Can Telephone)
6. 31st Floor (The Tamborines)
7. The Big Trip (The Winter Club )
8. Maredo (Lord Auch)
9. Maybe Baby (The Sigma)
10. Trendy Scum (The Breakers)
11. Little Vagabond (Letters From London)
12. Nature Got One Over Me (The Brights)
13. Details Therapy (Tramp)
14. The Finishing Line (Hong Kong In the 60's)
15. Hello (Hanjiro)

It’s really special my songs & a special great work inside booklet picture of Daniel from Televised Crimewave.
It’s a fantastic collaboration! Check!!!

Thank you so much for KAFEREC,all aritist,friends and my lovers!

Lots Of Love from Hideco xxxxxx

Monday, 16 June 2008

Lord Auch ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Out debut signle "Grass Finger"

Lord Auch ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Liam from Lord Auch ♥

Si From Lord Auch ♥

Danny from Lord Auch ♥

*Lord Auch
*Danny Prescott - drums,Chorus, Si McCabe - voice,guitar,bass , Liam W - guitar, Bass,Chorus
*Myspace :

*My friends Mami and Eri recommend me them at first! And Mami took me out to see them one day. I hooked them and now as well “Televised Crimewave! Si and Danny and Dan and Tom from that’s my big favorite band “Televised Crimewave” used to be in the same band called Blackwire. It was amazing band but they made each more amzing band I think, I’m very happy to meet two great band now!
Lord Auch, That’s amazing sounds and cool sexy guys! I was gonna bleeding from my nose in front of them. It was so nervous to take theirs photo! It’s super Coooool! I’m very happy to appear them on here. I love theirs atmosphere and feeling! These photo are treasure! I kept the photo only me on desktop, actually.
Checked theirs video at St Leonard's Church Shoreditch. It’s also amazing. It’s very suite venue for them!
Thank you Mii for the video!
I really like Si and Liam changed to play guitar and bass and harmony chorus! Stunning! And I could see Danny little bit between them. It’s great spectacle. My favorite!
So,,They released debut single “Grass Finger” already. You should get it! I already get it, and I got signing. It was funny happening, Mami and me got the single and we are really shy and we couldn’t say to them “please signing the single”…and theirs friend asked them instead of us….anyway we are really nervous in front of sexy guys! Hahaha…
What I’m write here to be exciting!!Anyway, I can’t wait to see theirs show! Check them! I really wish to do something corraboration in future!
Thank you so much for Liam, Si and Danny!
Love xxxxxx

August from Lo-Fi-Fnk!!

August from Lo-Fi-Fnk

Photo : Myspace:
*Rap, drums ,great dancer from Lo-Fi-Fnk

*My friend Non send me the photo link!!It's really amazing! Thank you for uplord Dirty Dirty Dancing! Miss Lo-Fi-Fnk! Please come to play in London with new album!!

QOS X HTX Badge at The Party Vol.42 06/21/2008 (Sat) @ SHIBUYA JZ BRAT In Japan!

QOS x HTE Badge
Next QOS Original design Badge for HARD TO EXPLAIN The Party Vol.42!

*HARD TO EXPLAIN The Party Vol.42
Date : 06/21 (Sat) 23:30
Venue : SHIBUYA JZ BRAT In Japan
Charge with flyer 2500yen(w/1Drink)
Door 3000yen(w/1Drink)

*I'm doing badge design for the US/UK Free magazine in Japan called "Hard To Explain". This month design for Rainy season June in Japan.
Please get it in the event it's limited stuff! Go early!

Thank you so much for Hard to explain!

Monday, 9 June 2008

The brights play in Japan tour very soon!

The Brights
Photo : Miki Araki

*The Brights
*Mark Newton - Bass, David Burgess - Vocals ,James Prudence - Guitar,David Slade - Drums
*Myspace :

The brights with my friends will go to Japan tour very soon!
Thank you for playing for QOS party at 2 times before.

They will be playing live at:

Keith Flack, Fukuoka - 11 June 2008

G-Side, Hamamatsu - 12 June 2008

Club Zion, Nagoya - 13 June 2008

Clapper, Osaka - 14 June 2008

Chelsea Hotel, Tokyo - 15 June 2008

HMV Instore Live Session and Signing, Shubuya - 16 June 2008

Mona Records *WITH Hideki Kaji!!!!!!*, Schimokitazawa - 17 June 2008

For advance tickets and more info go to:

'Chandelier Souls EP' released on Rimeout Recordings OUT NOW!
Available from all good record shops (HMV, Tower, Amazon etc) Japan!

Don't miss them!! And enjoy!!If you are in Japan!!

The Brights at Queens Of Sounds Party Vol.3

Hideki Kaji "Here We Go"

Letters from London at Shoredich

John from Letters From London

*John Sterry
*A Guitar and Sings from Letters From London
*Myspace :

*Letters From London will play on 29 June at Notting Hill Arts Club for Queens Of Sounds Party with Geisha Disco.
I'm really exciteing to make a party with them!They are amazing play!
One of my favorite song "Little Vagabond" you can listen then I guess!!
It's gonna be a beautiful Sunday aftrenoon!
Please come to see us!please check video Letters from John!
We had a drink in Pub under such a beautiful sunday and after they play at clothes shop All saints.It was stunning!Check the youtube!
He has a Queens Of Sounds new sholder vertigo bag!
Also,I met them at a couple weeks ago too. I took a pic and video below!
Thank you so much for some our beer then!
Come back to be regular here,I wish!

John from Letters From London

Thank you for Televised Crimewave! Kids X Queens Of Sounds Video amazing!!

Thank you for Televised Crimewave! Kids X Queens Of Sounds Video amazing!!

I'm a loser for theirs passionate.
Knocked me out!

I was sick and feeling low in these day.
I got a fine now from them and the Video.

It's super amazing! I love it as well the rose!Cheers!

Super Thanx for dan,rob,tom,craig! and mii for taking Video!

Check more them!!

Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 6 June 2008

Queens Of Sounds Party on 29 June at Notting Hill Arts Club with Geisha Disco! Please Come!!!

We have a Party on 29 June at Notting Hill Arts Club with Geisha Disco.

Please come to see us and enjoy there!!

Disco Geisha x Queens Of Sounds Party on 29 June
Disco Geisha x Queens Of Sounds Party on 29 June

The Sigma

Letters From London



Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Winter Club from Brighton

The Winter Club
Photo : Yumi Takakura


*The Winter Club
Jennie: keyboard, flute,vocals
Alix: guitar,vocals
Alison: bass,vocals

*The Winter Club is sweet girls band from brighton.My friend Yumi from there send me some photo of them! It’s really cute! They looks really cute like theirs songs!
There are getting to increase girls band in UK now. They are really simple pop cute, I really like them but They live in Brighton... I couldn’t see them yet, Come to London!!Lovely Girls!!
I’m always welcome girls indie Pop band on this site, wanted!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

La Reine Reinette Exhibition Osaka Japan

La Reine Reinette Exhibition Osaka Japan

La Reine Reinette Exhibition Osaka Japan
Photo By Yuri Hirai from Osaka

Japanese Brand Reinette x QOS x SECOND ROYAL RECORDS collaboration Stuff
*la reine Reinette(
*SECOND ROYAL RECORDS is a nice music label in Kyoto.
Check the site!

SECOND ROYAL RECORDS Owner Mr.Osanai wear on Reinette x QOS cardigan!

*Yuri Hirai from la reine Reinette Osaka send me Exhibition photo!It's really fantastic!Thank you so much for working lots.I hope to increase more buyer for us!
Also,QOS x SECOND ROYAL RECORDS collaboration is really Popular design now. Well, they released new design open zip hoodie for limited in Japan.
I’m happy if you wear on it!
Order from

Thank you so much.


Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1