Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Late Of The Pier Japan Tour & After Party in Nagoya!!

queensofsounds .com Top - Sam from Late Of The Pier

Photo : Isaac Eastgate

*Amazing photo from Sam's brother Isaac.I'm so sorry I did arrange customize for the top page from his original photo. But I really love the picture for age and lots of appreciate for them in this year and wish success in theirs Japan tour. He is taking amazing photo lots.Watch his page up link!!
Thank you so much!!!
and http://queensofsounds.com


Photo : Pavlunka

*This is amazing photo as well. This version has more shot,please watch from up link!!Lovely!

*Late Of The Pier will play in Japan very very soon!
Don't miss them if you are in Japan.
I really want to go Japan!!

Date : 6 January 2009 Tokyo Shibuya O-EAST
Door : 18:00
Price : ¥5,500
Info : Creativeman http://www.creativeman.co.jp/

Date : 7 January 2009 Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO
Door : 18:00
Price : ¥5,500
info : CLUB QUATTRO http://www.club-quattro.com/

Date : 8 January 2009 Osaka CLUB QUATTRO
Door : 18:00
Price : ¥5,500
info : CLUB QUATTRO http://www.club-quattro.com/

*** Late Of The Pier After Party in Nagoya ***

Special special!!
When Sarah which the organizer leave in London, Sam promised to play in Nagoya with her!So, he will make it that promise!So nice!So,Special event only the night!
Please send me you and theirs photos!!

Place : Domina ( Near CLUB QUATTRO)
web : http://cafe-domina.com/

Meet them!
DJ Rie(Sarah) & Faley ? and Mr Yamada from File-Under records(http://www.fileunderrecords.com/) & More
(* PLASTIC PASSION / Contrived Imagery (CD) from File-Under records which band is Queens Of Sounds compilation #2 song!! Check!!)

Time : 22:00- 4:00
Price : 1500 Yen(1Dr) {with LOTP ticket 1000yen(1Dr)}

Rie faley
Sarah & Faley

Enjoy!! I really want to join so much!!Miss you guys!!

*So this amazing year with LOTP!I hope to keep well in next year too!!Give me more inspiration!!
Yes, definitely Late Of The Pier "Fantasy Black Channel" my of the year album as well Queens Of Sounds compilation vol.1!!

Thank you so much for supporting QOS. See you on next year soon!

Lots Of love x x x x X

New banner - Rob from Televised Crimewave

QOS ,Rob from Televised Crimewave banner

*Guitar from Televised Crimewave
*Myspace : www.myspace.com/televisedcrimewaveuk

*I made it because it's my favorite photo!
Thank you!

Televised Crimewave "kids" which is QOS compilation #1!!

It was atill amazing video,love it!!watch again!!
Thank you so much, it was so nice to put in CD!!
and was really enjoy with LOTP gig at 100!!so Fun!!


Sunday, 28 December 2008

Mystery Jets only one night show in Japan!

Blaine from Mystery Jets

Kapil from Mystery Jets

Will from Mystery Jets

Non & Kai from Mystery Jets
Non & Kai

*Mystery Jets
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mysteryjets

Mystery Jets only one night show
8 Jan 2009 20:00
Club Quattro, Shibuya Tokoyo

info : http://www.club-quattro.com/shib_info.php?year=2009&month=01&id=128410

*Don't Miss them only one night amazing show!!
They were really busy and success in this year!! We were really worry about Blaine's health.But he was getting well to see him at last time.I hope they will play well in Japan as well!! Mystery Jets member really like Japan. They stayed over a week for travel in there when they visited last time for Fuji Rock Festival.Kapil had spoken was really enjoy in Kyoto to see Kinkakuji and some beautiful view! It seems so busy schedule in this time to stay longer in Japan.But I hope they will enjoy at the moment in Tokyo!Have a safe travel!And turn back here!!

Late Of The Pier at French TV

Late Of The Pier at French TV

*Late Of The Pier
*myspace : http://www.myspace.com/lateofthepier

*Faley is nice on French TV wear with QOS!!Thanks lots!!!It's great french TV interview!! Thank you so much for letting it "is it just my reveRïe?" Yeah, French people would love the sounds!!
It's looks a popular in French as well.I understood it even not my French parfect!

Hype : Late of the Pier - Fantasy black Channel

Ross from Late Of The Pier at Heaven & Gonzo On Tour MTV

Ross from Late Of The Pier at Heaven

Ross from Late Of The Pier at Gonzo On Tour MTV

*Ross Dawson "Rouge Dog Consuela"
*Drums from Late of the pier
*myspace : http://www.myspace.com/lateofthepier

*Sorry, I couldn't take Ross's portrait at last time! So, This time his on parade space!An amazing Video I founds for Late Of The Pier which Gonzo On Tour MTV! Ross would often wear QOS T at anywhere.Thank you so much!! I have to make new edge design T for them soon!! I know I would! These amazing below video gave me many passion and love. Must be watch for being fine!! When I feel low, I listen LOTP!!
Theirs action are my motivation and be always positive me!

Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (live at Gonzo On Tour)

Late Of The Pier "Focker" at Heaven

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas & A Happy new year 2009!

QOS christmas ana Happy New year 2009

Queens Of Sounds want to thank for such a good year,
and wish everyone Merry Christmas and A happy great 2009!
Thank you for Supporting Queens Of Sounds.
I’ll massive do more great design!!

See you & Keep along with me in new year as well.
But my blog won't close in this year! keep to watch!!
Lots Of Love xxx

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Old Video I found ---- Micko from larrikin love interview tiscali

Micko from larrikin love interview tiscali

larrikin love interview tiscali
Micko & Alfie & Coz

ED & Mai & Noriko & friends
Ed (http://www.myspace.com/thepaniam )& mai & Noriko & friends.

*Larrikin Love
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/larrikinlove

*I found by accident the video I didn't see it on the time.Oh,,, Micko, miss you.
I guess he is still working with Courtney Love as a songwriter and Guitarlist. I hope to see him at sometimes if he could back in London.
and I found Ed's photo with My friends Mai & Noriko!!
Yes, I love Larrikin Love forever!! it's my first impression for this site.

larrikin love cucomber

Super Amazing!! Thanx x x x

Letters From London at Old Queens Head

Danny from Letters From London

John & Billy & Cristian from Letters From London

Danny from Letters From London & Mii
Danny & Mii

Manger Matt

*Letters From London
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/lettersfromlondon

*It was so nice to meet Letters From London,nice guys in this year!! I'm very happy to making some party with them!! So,Lots of fun!! Songs are all amazing!!
Keep well!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation CD
#11. Little Vagabond (Letters From London)

Letters From London "Little Vagabond" at All Saints

Letters From London "Little Red Book"(60's band Manfred Mann cover)

Hideki Kaji "LOLIPOP" Tour in Japan and la reine Reinette SHOP Open in Osaka!!

Hideki Kaji with Big Chuppa Chaps
Hideki Kaji
Photo : Yuka Ando

Toshi & megumi in Osaka
Toshi & megumi in Osaka
Photo : Yuri Hirai

*It's Hideki's Tour Photo.Thank you for sending some photo!! Amazing!!
Hideki did make-up for cover night for gothic and punk and he has Big Chuppa Chaps "Kaji-chups"!! It was present by his fan from his lately album "lollipop".I really wanted "QOS-chups"!! It's really envey!

The other photo is Hideki's big fans Toshi & megumi in Osaka.
Toshi wear QOS x Reinette Collaboration Cardigan and Megumi has QOS Bag!!
woo,,, Thank you so much!!

la reine Reinette has flag shop in Osaka from Today!!
Well, you can try on the cardigan and bag on there!
light green cardigan is most sold out, only XS left.
Bag&CD SET are stock in again!
Please get them!!

*la reine Reinette SHOP Open in Osaka
Pre Open : 23 December - 28 December
Open : 23 January 2009!!

Address : MEBLO16 3F,1-16-1 Minami Horie Nishi-ku Osaka
Web : http://www.reinette-web.com/

Monday, 22 December 2008

Doran Edwards from The Ghost Frequency at Old Bule Last

Doran Edwards from The Ghost Frequency

*Doran Edwards
*Vocal from The Ghost Frequency
*Myspace : www.myspace.com/theghostfrequency

*I was received lots for The Ghost Frequency on this site since started this site from theirs fans. Yes, he is finally. I watched them many times before.Doran's hair style looks changed I saw him at first. My first impression Doran is very fashionable and energy lovely person.The band play very well.I just watched his show again by accident in this time.
I has my bag, well, I just asked him to be on here. He is very kind to me "Thank you!" Woo nice guy! Yes, I would like to ask him as a formal on here again in future.
I am interested in his fashion.

The Ghost Frequency - Nightmare

I like the song!! so good!

Rebecca & Charles from Slow Club at Hoxton bar and Kitchen

Rebecca & Charles from Slow Club

Rebecca from Slow Club

*REBECCA(Left) - vocals, guitar, percussion,CHARLES(Right) - vocals, guitar from Slow Club
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/slowclub

*Slow Club is amazing heart full sounds duo. I'm massive big fan of "Kings Of Convenience" (One of guy Erlend Oye was on this site before, was so amazing!Pls back to London soon!)and I remind me them. It's little bit different thought but common with something to be heart warm sounds I really like. They are very cute and simple.
Also, Rebbeca wear new Mohair jumper dark green version! It's really suite for her!
They have a plan to go to Japan in March or April!
It's gonna be fantastic I think lots of Japanese loves theirs sounds.
Don't miss to listen theirs Chrismas song "Christmas TV".

I was really enjoy theirs show at Moshi Mohis Records Christmas party!
Watch below videos!! So lovely.

Slow Club "Apples and Pears"at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Slow Club "Because we're dead" at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Sunday, 21 December 2008

QOS New Mohair jumper Details! and new Cardigan --- AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class
It's basically long sleeve for cold hands.

AL from Maths Class
It's really much with number scarf and hold up sleeve. it's could be reversible fabric.

Mohair jumper Logo and hold up sleeve
Logo is simple left bottom.

It's really warm!

AL from Maths Class
It's new jersey cardigan. it's really much with QOS colourful button Shirts!

AL from Maths Class
sometimes with black glasses? fun.

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mathsclass

*It's new stuff details. Last clothes design in this year! I really like this jumper.It's really feel in UK!Also,new jersey cardigan is good for all season.
It's very comfortable fabric.
Thank you so much for Al.It's long day for taking lots of shooting. He didn't say complain at all in cold.I was really afraid about it. But I really like his picture and so fun.I thought it's good idea and I wanted to show lots of amazing London from my view. Most my picture are night or difficult to show you nice London. I'm very happy to show you some amazing London!!I hope it's continue in next year as well!I will be looking for cool London.if you know somewhere good,Please let me know!I really want to grow up more photography career.
Al told me a nice illustrator Saul Steinberg.

saul steinberg

Thank you so much xxx

Thursday, 18 December 2008

QOS New Stuff!! --- AL from Maths Class at East London

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mathsclass

*It's new QOS Stuff Mohair jumper blue!!It's warm. More details Ill introduce it on next. This time I want to show you, I took like fashion photo shooting with al. I really like top photo!
3rd photo, Al has Toy camera Holga. It's amazing colour film camera but it's difficult to take some photo at sometimes.Below photo is al's debut photo gallery.Amazing!
He looked enjoy to watch some animals!
I hope he will show his another photos on here at sometimes.

Al's photos by Holga at Hackney farm with lovely animals.




Cuties,Thanks x x x x

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

QOS New Stuff!! - Pavel Rudanovsky at Shoreditch



Pavel at his shooting Video Music!!
Photo : Kumiko Tani

*Pavel Rudanovsky

*Pavel wear on QOS New Stuff Long Sleeve Hoody T-shirts Polka Dot version.
I heard he would often wear on QOS Stuff!! Thank you so much!!
He is working as a Photography, Video direction after graduate St Martins College.
So,3rd photo is shooting a muisc video,of course he wear QOS T! He has already two T shirts as the same and pink colour!! Amazing!!and he has Long Sleeve Hoody T-shirts Polka Dot version in this time!! Amazing!!!
So, please watch his video work lately!!


*He wanted a Japanese GF!!!!
Contact to his myspace!!!
He can't wash dishes!!

QOS New Stuff!! --- AL from Maths Class at South Bank

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mathsclass

*It's Queens Of Sounds New stuff which is Long Sleeve Hoody T-shirts border varsion. so it's easy to wear on T-shirts and lots of out fitter stuff.
It's very usefull!! It has another version.
And I'll intoroduce you a couple of new stuff item in these days!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

AL from Maths Class at West London Canal

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mathsclass

*It's Black Hoody version shot.It's place was so amazing and beautiful in West London Canal.And It's very beautiful sunlight I got.
Well, Al's band Maths Class had been to Renne festival in France latley.
They played lots of people, check the video is amazing!!

More details from Maths Class Myspace blog
It's nice!!
They will be recording for our next EP in January, can't wait!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Queens Of Sounds New Top page!! --- AL from Maths Class

Queens Of Sounds Top page!! --- AL from Maths Class
Queens Of Sounds New Top page!!

AL from Maths Class

AL from Maths Class
QOS X Kaffrec(http://www.kaff.co.jp) Mug cup

*Alex Damms
*Bass from Maths Class
*Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/mathsclass

*It's new photo work for Queens Of Sounds Top Page.(www.queensofsounds.com)
I really wanted presentation much better image for developing my work.
I asked beauty al for it.He understood what I want to express.Great help,appreciate.
I'm rally satisfied in these photos.
We put on my favorite rear Orange Juice "Rip it up" special cover Poster for 2 disk limited vinyl on the blue wall.He has haircut 100 " Love plus one " amazing cover vinyl and QOS compilation and Maths Class first single "Emporio Laser"!!

2nd photo, al has QOS X Kaffrec(http://www.kaff.co.jp) Mug cup after rainy with rainbow.
and my favorite vinyl cover Fairground Attraction & haircut 100"Favourite Shirts - Boy Meets Girl"

I'm not a professional photographer but he help me to grow it up a little bit as some experience.
I really wanted to take these photo for age,actually.
Also, Ill post more amazing photo of al next.

Great and Super Thanks ...... amazing.Nice al!!

Queens Of Sounds Barnner!! --- AL from Maths Class

Queens Of Sounds Barnner!! --- AL from Maths Class
It's new Barnner!!

It's inspired from Video "orange juice - rip it up"
Flipper's Guitar - Slide

one guy - Kenji Ozawa, one guy - keigo Oyamada (Cornelius)

Yeah, I still love post punk and Neo acoustics in 80s-90s which made me at first and brought me here.

It's my world!!Ill more express it!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1