Thursday, 31 July 2008

Count Down to out Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1 tomorrow!!

Queens Of Sounds Vo.1 Compilation

1. Kids (Televised Crimewave)
2. We Have Come So Far [Q.O.S. Mix] (Plastic Passion)
3. Edit/Select (I Say Marvin)
4. Syntax Error! (Tiger Force)
5. When It Gets Dark (Tin Can Telephone)
6. 31st Floor (The Tamborines)
7. The Big Trip (The Winter Club )
8. Maredo (Lord Auch)
9. Maybe Baby (The Sigma)
10. Trendy Scum (The Breakers)
11. Little Vagabond (Letters From London)
12. Nature Got One Over Me (The Brights)
13. Details Therapy (Tramp)
14. The Finishing Line (Hong Kong In the 60's)
15. Hello (Hanjiro)

Buy from

Fastcut Records
and more somewhere......
Also, I'm late uplord for the last Party Blog, so sorry,.....

Party more Photo from

John from Letters From London
*John Sterry
*Letters From London

John has 50 limited bag for QOS compilation.
It's order from KAFFREC

Also, Christian(left) wear new Shirts! details very soon.
Thank you so much for coming many people, was really cool night!

Enjoy the Sounds!!

Lots Of Love xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Billy from Letters From London at Old Queens Head

Billy from Letters From London at Old Queens Head
Photo : Mii Yatogi

*Bass from Letters From London

*Billy really like the T-shirts. I heard he could wear it lots as usual.
I'm really happy.
So,,They will play again in Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1 launch party tomorrow!! So, don't miss them! Of course theirs song "Little Vagabond" on there.

QOS compilation Launch Party 24th July!! Front
Line - Up
The Sigma
Letters From London
Day & Buffalo

Book by email to

See you tomorrow if you could make it!!

Well, I’m really happy announce to you about Queens Of Sounds Compilation CD in Japan in July!
It’s 1000 copy limited! and 50 copy special QOS design bag limited with CD.
It will buy it at Tower records in Japan and some retail records shop, and Amazon JP.
Check the link!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Dan from Televised Crimewave Birthday at The macbeth

Daniel from Televised Crimewave ♥

Photo & Video : Mii a.k.a Ponyrock

*Daniel Wilson
*Vocal from Televised Crimewave
*Myspace :

*They are my energy, help and support lots for Queens Of Sounds.
Dan's birthday party it's happening was 5th July! It was amazing!
I'm so sorry not write for age…I'm still laugh lots about the night.
I haven't been laugh for long time from my belly.I did the most laugh at the night in lately!!I hurt my belly and lay on there!
Fun Fun Lots of fun!It was amazing show as well!I told lots of my friends in my last QOS party in Notting Hill arts club about Televised Crimewave.
I did copy of dan. My friends were really interesting for it and lots of friends came down to see them on the day.My friends were really enjoy to see them and being lots of fan for them and they promised to come see them on next.

Yes,yes,,When I was feeling low,,, Dan could make laugh me lots, gave me a passion from theirs video,,, I watched lots, Mii ,thank you for taking video. It saved me!When I was crying lots, he was singing,,, and dancing on there,,,, I couldn't loose...

I got offer QOS Compilation from last October but I don't have lots of energy for it then… but when I saw Televised Crimewave show, I decided to make it.
And this time, I did a new polo T design for Dan. I really like this it's details will be HP and shopping site soon.
I wear the same as him! It's very suite for Dan!!Thank you!

Si from Lord Auch & Mii on the floor
We learned Dan's dance from himself!Lucky us!
and Si from Lord Auch was join! Si!! So cool at anytime but was so funny. I love his dance too!!
*Lord Auch

Televised Crimewave, Lord Auch on QOS Compilation Vol.1
I'm very happy both include on there.
Thank you so much,Appreciate. Love & Love xxxxxx

Check New amazing Video!!
Televised Crimewave "Kids" promo

Thank you for gave me a credit!!
Love xxxxxxxx

Monday, 14 July 2008

LOTP in NME & QOS Flyer, Sticker! in Rough Trade

LOTP in NME & QOS Flyer, Sticker! in Rough Trade

Rough Trade

QOS Sticker In Tube!!
and someone put QOS sticker in Tube

*I got the Flyer for 24th July QOS Compilation listening Launch Party 24th July & QOS New Stickers!!
It’s available in East London some shops and Rought Trade in Brick Lane. Please get the copy!!
I found in this NME, My favorite shot for Sam wear QOS vertigo T by Danny Norton.
It’s amazing again!! I can’t wait their debut album, ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ is set to be released on August 4th through Parlophone and go to Summer Sonic in Japan!!
I’m really exciting QOS compilation will be next LOTP Debut album in Tower Records and HMV in Japan!!

NME Photo by Danny North

*late Of The Pier
*My Space :

Anyway, Please come to QOS Compilation launch Party 24h July at Hoxton bar and kitchen.

Line – Up
The Sigma
Letters From London
Day And Buffalo

See you there!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Ed Larrikin, The Pan I am & Mami at Horse Hospital

Ed Larrikin, The Pan I am

Ed's new band member
Photo by Mii

*Edward Larrikin
*The Pan I Am
*Myspace :

*I met ED, he is really fine! I was really worry Some of The pan I am show was cancelled lately. No worry Ed is fine and make his new styling now. I’m very happy to see him again. As soon as he could see me, say Hi!! and shake his hand. He is really fine. And he asked me “How is going Queens Of Sounds!!” I spoke about QOS compilation. He really pleased about it. So, I started Queens Of Sounds from ED fashion inspire! Queens from Larrikin Love’s song “Six Queens.” And he helped me lots to wear my T and stuff on his stage even in Japan! So, I still appreciate for Ed, Micko, Coz, Alfie.
I’m still interesting Ed’s fashion. he wore the T from china which his travelling place and his girlfriend Alice made the sweet Wood brooch and cute eyeliner and hair style like Six Queens Video! He still fashionable.
He changed song writing style but Still ED’s world. And he got new band member.
He is working The Pan I am Debut album at the moment.I Can't wait to listen it asap. He asked me come to next gig? Yes!! Yes!! When??? Not yet comfirm....Please please make it!!
Mami chose to live in London for Larrikin Love, ED! She was really happy to see him!
And She got the sign on QOS bag from ED! She was really really happy! good shot!

So,,,we spoke about the sign bag on us back way…We bet if Dan from televised Crimewave watched it, he would say let me to write something… and a few days later, we met dan, he absolutely said to her write something on back.
He wrote “Im not ED Im Dan Sorry x” We were so laugh! We understand his action, we don’t know why!!
Mami was little bit shock,,,,,but we hope it will be more expensive stuff!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Launch Party at Hoxton bar and Kitchen on 24th July!

You laugh me I wanted to be little bit Tony Wilson & Peter saville.

When I was teen, I listened lots Flippers Guitar.
That's inspire from Manchester Scene.
Japanese called it " O manche"
It was big inspiration.

So,I'm really happy to inform you!!

QOS Compilation out on 30 July!!
QOS Compilation listening Launch Party 24th July!

QOS compilation Launch Party 24th July!! Front
+ DJ Satoko, Hideco(QOS)

QOS compilation Launch Party 24th July!!
Get buy the copy from Amazon.

http://www. amazon. co. jp/gp/product/B001BJ9VY0

I draw the flyer from my favorite old picture, it's renewal!!
Please come to see us!!
It gonna be great night!
Love Love Love

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Brights Japan Tour!!

David from The Brights in Japan!

The Brights David in Japan Show

Photo By
Rufus : Syuhei Ueda

The Brights in Japan!- Hideki Kaji ,Hitoshi Arai?

*The Brights :
David Burgess - Vocals
James Prudence - Guitar
Mark Newton - Bass
David Slade - Drums

*Myspace :

*The Brights got back in UK now from Success Japan Tour. I received some many message from Japan “ The Brights was amazing and fun gig etc..” They told me “ It was so fan and many people wore my Stuff!” I’m so happy I heard about it!!
Drummer David told me before leaving in UK, “I’m scary in Japan!!” but was nothing scary. I got theirs amazing photo in Japan lots. Looks so nice!! Thank you so much for Rufus : Syuhei Ueda ,Kyoko, Yuri,Zappa,Shoko!! I really like they are in Temple! And I got them with Hideki’s photo. I miss all since last Queens Of Sounds Party in March! I’m happy they looks so happy happy smile! Also, theirs special song “Nature Got One Over Me” it’s not on EP on QOS compilation!! Please check it! About the EP details below.Please listen it!!

Relesed by Rimeout recordings

I wish they will back in Japan very soon and to you!

Hideki kaji will start his new party 20 July at Harajyuku Astro hall in Tokyo!
Check his my space!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

QOS x Geisha Disco Party at Notting Hill Art Club - Hanjiro

Kyohei from Hanjiro at QOS x Geisha Disco Party
Kyohei & Kazu from Hanjiro

Masashi & Rica from Hanjiro at QOS x Geisha Disco Party
Masashi & Rica from Hanjiro


Hanjiro "Hello"

Video by Mami

*Click the photo see more
Flickr :

*Hanjiro is all Japanese member, based in London. Jazz electro rock sounds. Songs are relaxed and be hearted.
Amazing!!Hanjiro brought a special Guest rap guy in “Hello” at this time! It’s more be great sounds and really good fun!
This song will be in Queens Of Sounds Vol.1. as the last song, “ Hello” and continue to Vo.2…. They are getting to play well and increase fans lots. If you didn't check the band in Lonodn please come to see them!!

QOS x Geisha Disco Party at Notting Hill Art Club - Letters From London

Letters From London

Letters From London

*Letters From London

Letters From London

*Click the photo see more
Flickr :

*Letters from London plays like Brit pop and punk sounds. Most audience saw them at first time, they say “its really good and fun”. I guess John’s charisma will be success in future. He is really passionate and friendly character, it will be loved by lots of people. Also, good modeling. Actually, after he was on page, good response from Japan. I really wish they will released EP or Single soon! Ill push them in future!

QOS x Geisha Disco Party at Notting Hill Art Club - The Sigma

Simon from The Sigma
Photo by Mii Yatogi

*The Sigma

The Sigma" Maybe Baby"

More Photo :
More Video :

*That’s really nice back VJ with The Sigma gig at there. Amazing! It made from RHIZ, Iku, Kumaki. Thank you so much. I really love it! The Sigma did back to play in Queens Of Sounds party. Theirs songs are really suite! Also, They already released EP album in Japan at last month! You can get the copy thought the label 1977 records. Please check it.
Hopefully, they will play in Japan very soon.
Well, The Sigma “ Maybe Baby” on Queens Of Sounds Vol.1 too! It’s the most sweet song from them!!

THE SIGMA - "Whatever Happened To..." EP In Japan from 1977 Records

1 - Maybe Baby
2 - She Said, He Said
3 - Emily
4 - St. Bride's
5 - Whatever Happened to...
6 - Creeping Around


What's the geisha Dancers.
I put on the pics ,it was some sexy kimono dancer changed on the stage!

QOS x Geisha Disco Party at Nottinghill Art Club Part.1

Rica from Hanjiro
Rica From Hanjiro

Masashi & Kazu from Hanjiro
Masashi & Kazu from Hanjiro

Letters From London
John & Billy from Letters From London
Photo Mami

Hanjiro x The Sigma in Notting Hill
Masashi from Hanjiro, Charlie, Simon from The Sigma, Kyohei from Hanjiro
Photo Mami

*Click the photo see more
Flickr :

Line- Up
*The Sigma
*Letters From London

*Place : Nottinghill Arts Club

*It was so fun at last Sunday in Queens Of Sounds Party at Nottinghill Arts Club with Geisha Disco.
Thank you so much for coming there lot. It was good atmosphere, JP x UK good collaboration time.
I had a really nice time with them.
This part 1 for portrait photo for Hanjiro, Letters From Lonodn, The Sigma.
These Picture are really cool my camera didn’t good well then. Some picture from Mami, thank you so much!
Ill show you gig photo and video at part2!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1