Thursday, 28 July 2011

Queens Of Sounds Anagram Sholder bag - Kai Weller

Queens Of Sounds Anagram <span class=

*Kai Weller

*I've been to Berlin in Germany. My Friend Saskia took us to 48 hours gallery event.
( )
The event which most of gallery in a parts of Berlin opened space for arts for 2 whole night.
We went out there after midnight, lots of people still had the party on the street, gallery and bar.
It was quite nice atmosphere. As walking and walking for 30 minutes, We found Saskia's friend Kai's space.
His art work are very sensitive and hight quality oil painting. We really like them and impression stuff.
He explained us his arts well. He drew about inside view which is his imagination from Berlin zoo.
I just had been to Berlin the before day. I found it easy where it is.
So I hope to get back to see something new art creation in Berlin soon.

( )

Another gallery funny exhibition

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


at Berlin zoo

Berlin Dome

Potsdam Sanssouci Castle

* Saskia & Family

*I visited my friend Saskia in Berlin.
She moved back there before 1year half ago from London.
I was looked after lots by her which was so happy.Of course I can't speak German at all, lost in translation.
We visited Zoo, Berlin Dome, Bauhouse Museum etc.. which were amazing and enjoyed.
Also,Her parents came over from Köln, and they took us to Potsdam.
Sanssouci Castle were beautiful and found lots of Japanese tour group.
I learned Berlin's rich history and culture.
It was too short but a nice holiday and saw my friend Saskia.
They saw off at the airport, I was so sad to leave nice persons.
Hopefully get back to there soon.


Saturday, 23 July 2011


HYPER JAPAN Kitty girl by <span class=
HYPER JAPAN Kitty girl, a photo by queensofsounds on Flickr.

Lolita fashion show member!

HYPER JAPAN Kitty girl
hand made kitty guitar!

Amazing make up


*Hyper Japan

*I went to Japanese big exhibition "Hyper Japan" at London Olympia.
So many peoples at there. Lots of people didn't get in who were waiting outside massive long queue. I found many lovely Lolita fashion girls and animation costume peoples which was so amazing!
A Hello Kitty Girl was so cute! Lot's of people loves Hello Kitty in there that had some item in fashion. Also, Food section were amazing good deal. I took some photo for here.
I really like Manbonsai ( last picture)is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers with some funny figure.
I really enjoy the big event, Definitely Japanese culture is Special and amazing!


Friday, 22 July 2011

Queens Of Sounds 5 colour number T-Shirts -Ayame

Queens Of Sounds 5 colour number  T-Shirts -Ayame by queensofsounds


* My lovely customer Ayame from Japan who send me this photo!! Queens Of Sounds 5 colour number T-Shirts suits her art work well!!
It's so cute!
Thank you so much! Enjoy in hot Japanese summer with Queens Of Sounds items!
Everybody welcome your photo tag in Facebook page or send me to

*久々にお客様にお写真送っていただきました!Queens Of Sounds 5 カラー Tシャツがあやめさんのアートワーク似合っていてかわいい。
そしてみな様からのQueens Of Sounds とのお写真是非お待ちしております!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Queens Of Sounds Summer stock - Finn

Queens Of Sounds Giraffe Polo Shirts - Finn
Queens Of Sounds Giraffe Polo Shirts

Queens Of Sounds Stripe Shirts - Finn
Queens Of Sounds Stripe Shirts

Queens Of Sounds Anagram Polo -Shirts - Finn
Queens Of Sounds Anagram Polo Shirts

Queens Of Sounds Anagram T-Shirts - Finn
Queens Of Sounds Anagram T-Shirts

Queens Of Sounds Giraffe Polo Shirts & Green Check hoody - Finn
Queens Of Sounds Giraffe Polo Shirts & Green Check hoody

*I didn't expect this shooting,,, he is my landlady's son.
I met him at first time at my flat.
I've spoken about my work to them and show my clothes, they prise me up.
So, he tried some and looked so good.
I had just problem my room is not good lighting, maybe another time he is on here with new stuff.


Saturday, 16 July 2011

QOS silver x Pink border dress

Elle -  QOS silver x Pink border dress x Eco Bag

Elle -  QOS silver x Pink border dress by queensofsounds
Elle - QOS silver x Pink border dress, a photo by queensofsounds on Flickr.


Alba - QOS silver x Pink border dress

* From la reine reinette Photo.

*Summer Dress shooting. It's still not parfect summer in London.
We need a cardigan. But I think it's dress work in Japan now! I heard it super hot!
It's Blue based silver x Pink border fabric. It's still a few stock and available at Reinette Osaka!
Check it out!


Friday, 15 July 2011

Kitty, Daisy From Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

*Kitty, Daisy From Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

*Lovely, Cute Sisters Kitty, Daisy for my shooting.
They released Brand new 3rd album "Smoking In Heaven".
I watched theirs release event. I'm really into a song called "Messing With My Life" at the moment,which sound remind me a feel Retro 50's - 60's along PV except only throw out mobile.
It's quality all. I really like theirs additional concept from 40's- 50's fashion and rock n roll, country blues sounds.
Live was so amazing with theirs Dad & Mum. I heard Mum was a member of girls band in 1977-1984 called "The Raincoat. These family stage is more strong and powerful bond great sounds. Also, I heard they are poplar in Germany as well.
They played 2 shows at Fuji Rock festival in last year so, I think they were known in Japan.
I hope they will get back to play in Japan with the new album.

*可愛らしい姉妹Kitty, Daisy を撮影してきました。3作目になる新作アルバム"Smoking In Heaven"
のリリースイベントがあったので行ってきました。最近ずっと新曲の"Messing With My Life"が気に入って聞いてました。彼らのPVとかもそうなんですが、50年代~60年代のレトロファションだったり、ロックンロール、カントリー、ブルースな音楽がものすごくおしゃれで可愛くかっこいいです。
お母さんは70年代後半から80年代頭にかけて活躍したガールズバンドThe Raincoatのメンバーでもあったそう。

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Littele Barrie - Anagram T & Scarf

*Barrie Codogan

*I'm happy to see Barrie for this shooting.
He is a very nice guy and so lovely.
He wears his black leather jacket from Japan and has coordinate QOS anagram t-shirts and scarf. I'm so glad to take his cool shot here!
I remember I've seen him on Primal Scream stage since 2006 at HMV Oxford St .
I really like Primal Scream so I had many chance to see him on there.
In this time, I wen to see his stage as Little Barrie.
It's amazing and super cool sounds!
It was very different sounds with Primal Scream but I really liked all!
Also,Barrie has performed on tour with Edwyn Collins, Morrissey, Paul Weller and Saint Etienne as guest guitarist.
Well, It's good news! Littele Barrie will play at Summer Sonic 2011 Tokyo!
Only Tokyo, but Barrie will play at Primal Scream at Osaka.
Don't miss his amazing guitar play!!
 He is looking forward to going back to Japan again!!

そしてめちゃ可愛らしい人でかなり好感触! 撮影もスムーズに行き、いいショットが撮れてかなり嬉しかったです。そしてQOSを日本で買ったというライダースにコーディネートしてくれてとても似合っていてかっこいい、可愛いを連発してしまいました。萌まくってました!
実は私プライマルスクリームは初期のころから大好きで2006年にアルバムのリリースイベントをロンドンのOxford ストリートに見に行った時にバリーさんが加入したてでとてもかっこよくギターの上手な人が入ったと騒いでたの覚えてます。今回はLittle Barrieとしてのライブを堪能させていただいたのですが、プライマルの曲調とはまた違いますが、本当に素晴らしく、かっこよく、本当に気に入ってます。
そしてご存知の方も多いかと思いますが、Little Barrieはサマソニック東京での公演が控えてます!

Little Barrie "Why Dont" at Cargo

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Brights - Denim Super Eco bag

Queens Of Sounds Denim Super Eco bag- David From The Brights by <span class=

*David Burgess (Vocals) from The Brights

*Mark(Bass) from The Brights

*Finally The brights released theirs new album.
I went to theirs relese gig at London.
I had eaten an amazing cake!!
How can make it? cool.
Gig was really good. So I hope they will back to Japan soon.
on 6th July at, HMVs across Japan!
*ついにThe brightsのデビューアルバムがリリースされました!
そしてQueens Of Sounds を扱ってくださってる、La Reine Reinette でもお取り扱いしてくださっているので是非行って見てくださいね。

Release party Cakes by David mum

Friday, 1 July 2011

Bones - Denim Super Eco bag

Queens Of Sounds Denim Super Eco bag- Rosie Bones by queensofsounds
          Queens Of Sounds Denim Super Eco bag- Rosie Bones, a photo by queensofsounds on Flickr.

*Rosie Bones

Queens Of Sounds  Anagram Tote- Frederick  Fuller

Queens Of Sounds  Anagram Tote- Frederick  Fuller
*Frederick Fuller


*I went to Club NME event at selfridges. I saw a band called Bones.
The event introduced new band for each week for a month.
Bones is 3 piece band , a energetic vorcalist and pop rock guitar sounds remind me a traditional rote for English band. I'm looking forward to watching them at somewhere again.
So She has Queens Of Sounds Denim Super Eco bag which use waterproof material in inside.
So you can carry any cold Stuff it will avoid waterdrop.
And Denim is very strong and hold tight
on another bag.

*ロンドンの老舗デパートセルフリッジで1ヶ月間各週行われたClub NMEのイベントの新人バンドを紹介するに行ってきました。

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1