Friday, 24 April 2009

Graham Coxon from Blur at Pure Groove

Graham Coxon from Blur

*Graham Coxon
*Myspace : (unofficial)

*I'm very happy to take his photo for here. Yep,I'm big fan of blur for age!
Can't wait reunion gig in this summer,of course!
He is so nice and kind for this shooting with his amazing new limited EP "In the morning" also,amazing acoustic show.Check new sounds.So cool!!

Queens Of Sounds compilation CD Vol.1 + Bag
He has a bag which is limited Queens Of Sounds Compilation bag.

His set list is so cute his hand drawing with coke and his lovely socks.

Graham Coxon " Perfect Love" at Pure Groove

Graham Coxon "Dead Bees" at Pure Groove

Monday, 20 April 2009

Late Of The Pier at Chicago

Faley looks very very good black one!!

Ross,, always very very fit QOS! He is absolutely kingdom king in QOS!

Sam gave me lots of my design idea inspiration along his sounds.He is genius.Thanks.

*Photo : catalinaaa

*Late Of The Pier
*Web :
*myspace :

*Woooo,,,catalinaaa from Chicago,Thank you so much for sharing Amazing photo and Video!!It's so lovely.
I'm so happy they wear on QOS on there!
It's really looks good success in there!
I feel they gave me some courage!Good road and good energy.
I'm hard life at sometimes but gone when I saw these photo!!
I've already made some new summer stuff! I can't show them soon!
Summer is coming, LOTP is coming back in UK!
Can't wait to see them in this summer as well!!
Many thanks!!Lovexxxxx

More amazing Late Of The Pier Chicago photo

Faley is so cool!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Erlend from The Whitest Boy Alive at Cargo

Erlend Øye from The Whitest Boy Alive

*Erlend Øye
*Singer song writer, guitar & vocal from The Whitest Boy Alive / Kings Of Convenience
*Web :
*Myspace :

*Sweet soul mate Erlend from Berlin!! I quite listen lots The Whitest Boy Alive's 2nd album "Rules" lately.It's great album I'm sure it's my top3 album of the year!Also,I watched theirs gig.It's fantastic time!They are absolutely live band!! All show was Sold Out!I couldn't out of my eyes at any seconds!I was so exciting!and get back to watch again on youtube now!
Especially,I love The Prodigy - Out of Space cover - theirs amazing hit song "Burning"! I was surprised it,,,but not video,,sorry.
I really want to get back watch them even at Berlin if he would refuse me.I was refreshed by the night!
I'm sorry this photo is blur...but sweet with my bag!
I'm a bad for him at sometimes...Sorry.
I would love to take some good photo of him in future!
Also,,I'm really expect about Kings Of Convenience new album!
Please please please!!
Kings Of Convenience "Failure" video was very impression for me to move in london.
But Erlend has moved in Berlin already when I tryed to move in here.
Anyway,I'm very happy to see him again here!

2nd Album "Rules" out now!!
Amazing artwork by Geoff McFetridge

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Dave & Leo from Bear Arms at Chalk Farm

Dave & Leo from The Beetles

Dave & Leo from The Beetles

Leo from The Beetles

Dave from The Beetles

*The Beetles
*Dave Lazer: vocals/guitar & Leo the Lewis : Lead Guitar
*Myspace :

*It was a fun night shooting with Dave & Leo from Bear Arms. They are so nice and kind for QOS site! Dave tryed to play on the street with his cool guitar! Thank you so much!!Dave was already in this site 2years ago as his ex band Dustin's Bar Mitzvah.He made a new band "the von erich family" and changed name now "The Beetles",,,, Dave still play cool punk rock.They will play with television personalities which my favorite classic UK indie punk band in next month! It's that cool,I've listened lots the first album "And Don't the Kids Just Love It"
but I've never seen them. Also, I try to buy it's vinyl album but it's soexpensive.wanted!!Anyway I try to come down!! Don't forget to watch theirs gig below!!cool Pop punk!!
Thank you so much xxx

The Beetles "Seven Souls" at The Enterprise

Reception at QOS Party Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Kumi & Yuriko at QOS Party reception
Kumi & Yuriko
Thank you so much at the front!!

Yuriko at QOS Party reception

Aki as a Audience
Thank you so much for coming from Preston!

Ill plan now next party!
I hope it will be confirm very soon.

See you very soon! x x x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Ruling Class at QOS Party Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Jonathan From The Ruling Class
I ♥ Jonathan, lovley beret and the shot!!

Andrew From The Ruling Class
He reluctantly wore the shirts, but he suite it and wear a dress well.

Anton From The Ruling Class
He is Swedish boy, we spoke about Swedish pop. I like Swedish band "Sugar Palm Fairy", he refused.....

Alfie From The Ruling Class
He looks good for light colour. It's express good his cheerful character.

Alfie & Jonathan From The Ruling Class
Alfie & Jonathan

*The Ruling Class
*Myspace :

*I planed The Party for Jonathan actually. He has left the band at once and come back lately.Now,I'm very happy he can sing at somewhere.I thought he must not to stop singing!! He is an amazing front.So,I was so shocking and sad day about it,,,,
Because I was influenced lots from him 90's sounds and old my favorite songs I remind from there and made me lots of fun.
When I heard he is back the band,I wanted to do something for him.
I wanted to tell his band to my friends,so,it was good way to Queens Of Sounds Party back. It was my small present,I did the best for the night! I might to be useless for them.
I hoped lots of people enjoy there!
I'm always happy to see them.
Keep going well I wish!!
Thank you so much for the night!

The Ruling Class "If you wonder...."

The Ruling Class "Maria Shine"

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hanjiro at QOS Party Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Photo : Neil

Masashi & Rica from Hanjiro
Masashi & Rica

Kyohei from Hanjiro
An amazing guitarist!

Kazu from Hanjiro
He try to be our drum star Ross as Red dog from Late Of The Pier!
The same Style we enjoy!
Ross's photo :


Kyohei From Hanjiro
funny Kyohei who a amazing QOS super model!

*Myspace :

*An amazing time Hanjiro! Lots of audience were really enjoy them. Everybody told me" Hanjiro" was amazing. Yeah! So, I was so impressed for them my super favorite 90's Japanese hit song "konyawa (Tonight) boogie back" by Kenji Ozawa they played for the special night!! Yeah, massive great they are!!Lovely shooting was so fun.
Also VJ Rhiz during Hanjiro I really like his visual image! So, parfect happy time "Hanjiro"!
Thank you so much for helping the night all the time! We keep well!!

Hanjiro "今夜はブギーバック(Tonight boogie back)" at QOS Party Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

Amazing VJ Rhiz!! Thank you so much.

The Party Photo :
Sorry not many in this time....

The Brights at QOS Party Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

The Brights
The Brights--- Matt Humphries - Drums,David Burgess - Vocals,James Prudence - Guitar

David from The Brights

James from The Brights

*The Brights
*Myspace :

*I'm so sorry to be late update QOS amazing Party blog.
It was so amazing audience lots and busy and enjoy the party.Thank you so much for coming along in there. Happy to see you!
I was so hard day and lots of care for the nice time. I wanted to do update here for the happy time but I've been broken my health from the nervous. So sorry. I'm OK now.
Well, The brights played amazing acoustic set in this time as well. Because the bassist Mark has been to New York now.I hope they will play full set in next time. but theirs acoustic set is amazing.Thank you so much.Please watch the video!
unfortunately,I've spoken to ready Visual image with VJ Rhiz but the venue VJ did play to ignore us.Sorry it's not match our image.Shame.

The Party Photo :
Sorry not many in this time....

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Ruling Class at Victoria

Anton & Alfie from The Ruling Class
Alfie & Anton

Andrew from The Ruling Class

Photo : Ukie

*The Ruling Class
*Myspace :

*It's very soon,QOS Party!! I'm really exciting now!
Yes,my favorite band The Ruling Class will play in there!!
I'm really really happy!!
So, I was really really enjoy theirs show from last year
They remind me my first impressions UK sounds play!So fun!!Also,Jonathan is an amazing vocalist. I become a big fun quickly.
But end of last year, Jonathan left at the band and I was so shocking and feel has been just fun to see them at anytime.
But lately, Jonathan was back in the band, It was drama. Well, I planed the party in this time, my study was so busy lately,not try to do the party, but, I was wondering I'd love to do something celebrate for them. I wish it will be for good them.It's very small thing from me though. Why Jonathan isn't on this page? he disappeared then....... sad,,,,,,,,
But nice band member Anton, Alfie and Andrew, we could a good meeting at Victoria!!
Can't wait to see them soon. xxxxx

QOS Party on 5th April at Hoxton bar and Kitchen!!Come to see us!!

QOS Party on 5th April at Hoxton bar and Kitchen

Time Table.
Door : 7:30
8:10-8:40 The Brights
8:55-9:25 Hanjiro
9:40- 10:10 The Ruling Class

Line up :
The Ruling Class

Event Location : Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

2-4 Hoxton Square,
N1 6NU

Tel: 020 7613 0709

Nearest public transport : Old Street

Time Table.
Door : 7:30
8:10-8:40 The Brights
8:55-9:25 Hanjiro
9:40- 10:10 The Ruling Class

Addmission : 5pounds on the door / 3 pounds, mail to

Please come to see these amazing bands and neo 90's night!!
See you soon xxxx

Late Of The Pier Japanese Magazine "Hard To Explain"!!

Photo : RkellyPhoto
link :

*Late Of The Pier
*myspace :

*It's photo at Shibuya Tokyo in Japan.It's very popular place,Faley wear all QOS top stuff are so stunning!!It has a video as well! It's looks so fun!
Well,they are now on Japanese Magazine "Hard To Explain" for interview!!
Please check it if you are in Japan.
So kind and nice edtior Y from "Hard To Explain" let me know about it and will send me it soon. Can't wait to read it with faley wear on QOS page! Also, you can watch the interview on below! fun.Thank you so much.

"Hard To Explain" This month cover!

more info :

Interview with Late Of The Pier @ Osaka Jan.2009

I found new amazing SXSW shoot and video! Amazing 3!!cool guys!!

Photo : benbotello
link :

Some more video was up, I found theirs trouble scene, it's shocking but Sam was so cool there! hero!

Sam from Late Of The Pier at ONITSUKA TIGER -- WMC / MIAMI BEACH

Photo : rolling-blackout
Link :

*Sam eastgate
*Vocal,Guitar and Key from Late Of The pier
*Myspace :

*These picture as well from it is just my reverie!Thank you very much. Woow,, it's surprised me,Sam wear QOS new one!!It's exciting.It's cool and very suite for him! Oh,Yeah, it was inspired from them!! It's looks good as a beach T!!
I heard they were DJ debut as well in Miami! Sounds is really hot! Good lucky and success with the T!!
Sam Sam Sam, Daisuki & Thanks!! Keep well xxxxxxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ross from Late Of The Pier, QOS collection at SXSW US!!

Photo : greenshoelace
Link :

Photo : Patrice J
link :

Photo : TonyLanda
link :

Photo : s i n c l a i r
link :

*Drums from Late Of The pier
*Myspace :

*It's so amazing!! QOS debut in USA??!! Ross wear QOS lots in SXSW!!Yeah, He is a king of the QOS!!It's so Sweet lovely!!Thanks!! It's Groovy number pop T bring some lucky for wears! It's lucky colour way of the year stuff!I guess Late Of The Pier success in USA as well!I was really enjoy and happy to watch these photo and some video on youtube!Thank you for up lording!! and thank you so much for letting me know,it is just my reverie!Miss you guys lots always!!I reall hope you're well at anytime at everywhere xxxxxxxx

Late of the Pier "The Bears Are Coming" at Cedar Courtyard in Austin SXSW!!

Late of the Pier "Bathroom Grugle" Live La Zona Rosa SXSW 09

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1