Monday, 18 February 2008

Late Of The Pier's Poster and Bear is coming

Late Of The Pier Poster for ULU
*Late Of The Pier Poster for UK Tour ULU in London.
Sam & Potter wear QOS Polo Shirts!
Photo by Rie

Sam from Late Of the Pier Illustration
Sam from Late Of The Pier illustration

Bear is coming new video!

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*Eccentric Boys "Late Of The Pier" are now UK tour. Sam & Potter wear QOS polo shirts on AD poster for London ULU Show. It's really amazing. Thank you so much!
We've been to Oxford gig but it cancelled because potter's machine didn't work. So, Sam apologized and drawing the illustration! Also,A amazing new video “Bear is coming” is available now. The shooting ,they woke up 5 o’clock morning and been to forest til late. Really nice video I love it!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1