Sunday, 26 October 2008

New stuff & Hanjiro at QOS Party 19th Oct at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

Rica from Hanjiro
Rica from Hanjiro (Vocal and Key)
It's QOS New Hound's-tooth check Dress

Kyohei from Hanjiro
Kyohei from Hanjiro (Guitar)

Masashi from Hanjiro
Masashi from Hanjiro (Bass)
That's hoody is out of stock now but will be them soon!!

Kaz from Hanjiro & Yoshie
Kazu from Hanjiro (Drum) & our friend Yoshie who introduced me Hanjiro.
QOS Pink Big Number T & QOS Vertigo dress!!

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*Hanjiro is regular on QOS Party now.They are getting amazing at every time and getting lots of fan. Some people did dance lots on the front line. They looks so fun.Also,Hanjiro's song"Hello" on QOS Compilation Vo.1 #15. Check again! Great song.So, Rica wear on QOS new Dress, Kyohei wear on QOS New blue hoody. fit for them!!Kyohei was supporting a Japanese Girl singer "natccu" ( )from Japan and UK touring lately. He played poplar event in London "White Heat at Madame Jojo".Well, I really expect more japanese band will be play in London!! Please help us!!

Hanjiro "Prussian Blue" at QOS Party 19th Oct at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen

It's amazing as well!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1