Wednesday, 28 January 2009

BIG Number warmer Hoody & Blend Number wamer Sweatshirts stock in! - Jack from Foals

Jack from Foals

*Jack from Foals
*A Great drummer from Foals
*Myspace :

Clarence wear Blend Sweatershirts

*Student University in Lyon France

It's amazing both,the same pose,it's not on purpose.
anyway,I took these photo before but it was sample stuff.
A few piece in stock in Japanese shop site now.
These stuff inside Brushed and comfortable and warmer distressed and washed to look vintage body!It's still cold days! get for warmer!
Now,I'm work hard for new stuff include new T-shirts work.Pop Popy!
It's all show you till middle February,i wish!!
Keep to watch then!!
Thank you so much.

Miss Jack's great drumming & Clerance so much.
Hope to see soon xxx

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1