Saturday, 22 May 2010

Foals "Total life forever" at Raugh Trade East

Jack From Foals - QOS Moon Love bag

Jack From Foals

*Drummer from Foals

*I'm glad to see Jack from Folas with an amazing New album!
Many people asked me How is Jack and want to see Jack photo!!
I know everybody loves Jack!Yes, He is an amazing!
Well, I want to say something about the new album!
I couldn't stop watch "Spanish sahara" video in this March!
It was so beautiful colour and big emotional sounds.
I was really expecting for this new album.
Also, "This Orient" which the lead single from new album "Total life forever" is catchy sound and was good big impression for me. Well, The new album is very different with the first album it feel a melancholy or sorrow but don't forget a hope.Something new and something recall sounds. It has never feel weak. Feel positive.
Some song feel my favorite sounds Shoegazer or postpunk's material sounds for me.
Yeah,total great! I listen to enjoy massive lots!
Well, I've been to watch theirs gig at Electric ballroom Camden the other day.
It was incredible show! Offered big energy and never disappoint.Totally theirs life fun! End of song was Electric bloom was still amazing Rock'n!
Check below Video!!

Must Check The new album " Total life forever"
 10th May2010 Relesed in UK 26th May 2010 Relesed in Japan!

These Photo by my hobby film camera work!
Jimmy and Yannis from Foals,thanks! Lovely!

Well Well
Don't miss foals gig in Tokyo!Only One Night!!
15 June Tuesday at Harajyuku ASTRO HALL
OPEN18:00 / START 19:00
TICKET: 5,500YEN (adv.drink fee charged@door)

It's already SOLD OUT!!
Well,hope extra date add!

Also, they will play back to 1 August "Fuji Rock" Naeba Ski Resort!!

Enjoy!!wanna go to Fuji rock!! but can't make it for visa,,,, hope see them in London soon!!

Foals Spanish Sahara

I had watched it lots lots many lots great sounds and video!

Foals Spanish Sahara live at "One Shot Not"

Live as well amazing!!

FOALS Electric bloom at Electric Ballroom London

Good Rock'n energy!! They keep to lead for new generation indie kids!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1