Thursday, 28 October 2010

QOS Winter Story 2010 with Joie at East London

Joie at East London with QOS Stuff
QOS Hoody Jacket

Joie at East London with QOS Stuff

Joie at East London with QOS Stuff
QOS Love Stripe Shirts!

Joie at East London with QOS Hoody
QOS Love hoody with Bowtie

*Joie So Hryggur
*Photographer Student


*I met her through an amazing photographer Akif Hakan Celebi.
She is a Photographer Student in university.
She was studying Textile in last year. She noticed her photo talent and moved subject right now.
She lived in Hong-Kong, Madrid in High school and now in London.
Absolutely, activity young girl!
She like music and She talked me lots about music festival in Finland at last summer.
Also, She had visited in Norway, Finland and Denmark which are her favourite place now!!

We enjoyed a great Sunny day Sunday at East London.
Make up assistant girl Yuko helped the shooting.
She used to work at Osaka in Japan and she looked many someone wears QOS!

Thank you so much for a nice time!!

The Shooting location wall grafitti by Ben Eine who named, known as cover of alphabet from Denmark.

Also, Love Hoody With Bowtie which is a very special new Stuff!
Don't miss to get one!

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