Thursday, 11 November 2010

Chika with her Art works!!

Chikako with her art & QOS Dress
Her Art with QOS wool dress! Which is very warm stuff! Stock a few left! hurry!!

Chikako with her window art with QOS lapel Cardigan
Her art on Carnaby Street shop window!

Chikako with her art with QOS lapel Cardigan

Chikako with her design dress with QOS lapel Cardigan
It's her textile!

Chikako with her art with QOS lapel Cardigan at Canela
Canela near Carnaby Street London.

*Chikako Tokuno
*Fine - Artist

*Chika chan is my next class room mate in my college.
We spoke about college things and complain,,haha.
She wear QOS clothes in most day!! it's very suite for her!!
I'm very happy about it!
And I wear QOS as well!!
She graduate Chelsea college BA fine art. She is amazing drawing!
We learn to be diffident t with art now due to visa!! Completely Annoying!
But We can go to dinner after college sometimes which has a nice relax time!!
And Chika took me to nice Portugal bar where is so yummy!!

She came down to Last QOS party!
She really like KOWALSKI sounds and bought CD with signing so play theirs songs at Work Place!

Kowalski – Take Care, Take Flight EP

So, We have a long winter holiday now!! We can go to somewhere travel in next time!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1