Wednesday, 5 January 2011

QOS Brand-new Anagram Print - Yu From Ovum & Kyohei from Prantron at 3am in London shooting!

Yu & Kyohei with QOS Anagram Prints

Yu & Kyohei

Yu & Kyohei

Yu & Kyohei

*Yu from OVUM
*Kyohei from Prantron

*We did shooting at East London,It was at 3am after theirs gig!
They might look tired?
But they did enjoy the London calm winter night!
Yu had to go back to Japan after 15h.
He really missed in London.
Well, these QOS new design did you find?
Black and White Queens of Sounds Music typo in anagram.
There are T-shirts and pocket T shirts with bandanna,Scarf!
It's new cool items!!

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黒白のプリントはQOSの新作のアナグラムプリントQueens Of Sounds Musicのタイポでできてるデザインです。フルプリント、ポケットとバンダナのセット2種類あります。

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1