Saturday, 29 March 2008

Foals Debut Album "Antidotes" , Renette X QOS X Jack

Jack from Foals - QOS x Renette Cardigan - Jack colour

*Jack Bevan
*Drummer from Foals
*Another jack on QOS photo :
*Jack is back on this page!I'm really glad to see him again.
I couldn't see him for half month more.Most of evreyone watched my page missed him!
He is still my super model and he become a real super model as Burberry Prorsum,SJC drums. I've known since I met at first 10 month ago,Excetly Great success as the band.He grow up and grow up now as a great drummer who looks so tired for busy time in these day.But still nice and friendly kind handsome boy.I have to laern from there.
He told me,made me happy when he played in paris,someone told him "Queens Of Sounds clothes are cool or something!" He say I really like the logo.Thank you so much,Cheers!!
So,I could make theirs Gig in Brighton and Lonodn Astria and London HMV in these days.All awesome, especially brighton best gig!it was so amazing.
It's very diffrent before arrange.supprised.
Also, Debut album as well awesome! I've listed 200 times more now. completley hook on!

Jack from Foals
Jack was thinking how to wear check shirts.He wear T-shirts and hoodie under check shirts. It's like a jaket.funny. but I do! Thank you.

Foals / Antidotes

Check youtube jack's great cool drumming!
Foals " Electric Bloom " at HMV London


Foals / Midnight Juggernauts Japan Tour in May & Fuji Rock!

14 May 2008 Club Quattro Osaka
15 May 2008 Liquid Room Tokyo
16 May 2008 Bottom Line Nagoya
Info :

Jack from Foals
Jack say "I can't wait to go to Japan! I'll eat fresh sahimi!!"
Have a good time in Japan!


So,I had a few mission for foals. One thinsg, I have a collaboration cardigan with Jpanese Brand la reine Reinette( asked a model for Jack. It's Jack style and colour stuff.He usal wear T-shirts or Shirts with Cardigan and prefer to green colour. (top Picture)

I was asked a interview by free UK/US indie magazine called "Hard to Explain". Foals is a cover on now!
I got English Version here,Japanese version from

Foals interview At Brighton after awesome gig. Thank you so much even my terrible english.

*About music.
I've listened your sounds. So, I thought your sounds have lots of Rhyme have keen senses and guitar riff . It's your characteristic.
So, where comes from these idea? It's made from session or someone's idea?

It's care from our initial love of riniral techno. Building everything from loop, and the blossoming from there.

*let me know each member music experience?

Jack and Yannis played in the Edmand fitzgvald.
Walter and jimmy played Face meets Gall.
Edwin played first bad.

*How did you meet each band member?

Drinking bad cheap booze at house parties in Oxford.

*I heard each band member retired university, is it really?

Yannis and Edwind were in Oxford University.
Jimmy has a degree in Geography.

*So I heard you guys comes from Oxford and move to Brighton, still now? And so why you think to move there at first?

To Escape and ante songs for album "Antidotes."We didn't party, just lived like fogs under a store!

*What kind of music listen when you were child till around 15 years old?

Nirvana, Readiohead, deftones , fleet wood mac ,REM
The usual staples for 15 years old.

*When did you start to make music and what music and musician made you a music band?

Our Friends youthnoise bulled us into forming a band.

*Also, which music you influence now?
Liars, Alan lomax, Monolake, Radiohead , Forming a band

*I read lots some music paper about that your debut album producer Dave Stitek from TV On The Radio at first, but you didn't like it and rerecording again. So what the reason did you have? And new album will come out very soon. So that's satisfied?
So what the testy?
How it gonna be the feeling album?

We hate the feefeeling. We just mixed the album, it's still Dave Stitek album.

*I watched your PV Hummer , and Ballroons's dancing woman idea , Cassius's meet chop as well unique and nostalgia. who did you made funny dance ? It's amazing.
That was Yannis's idea , he is a fancy little man. Dave ma
( does a Video. He is amazing.
He vomits good idea.

*About now your situation for getting popular
You are most of music indie magazine cover in lately, you're expect brand new band in there, and you have a contract with American label, so lots of success story, do you think about now satiation?

We think it's amazing that's people give a shit about us, let alone put us on magazine covers. We just can't let it affect what we do.

*You would often go to America, So what's different American and UK audience reaction? Also about culture as well.

In America its like standing over, it's really refreshing having to fight for an audience.

*And next May is in Japan!
What you could expect now from?

We don't know what to expect ,We've head that Japanese audience's are very respectful and go crazy at the same time. We actually can't wait to come see you all!

*Please leave your message for listener, especially in Japan!
See you in May! Please come to see us, Please!! xxx

Thank you so much.

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1