Thursday, 27 March 2008

Queens Of Sounds Party Vol.3 ----Hideki Kaji with Andi

Hideki Kaji with Andi
Photo by ©miki araki

“A Small, Good Thing”
(My best favorite song for Hideki. lyric but I made English translation just nearly sentence with Japanese I guess .)

Raymond Carver tell….
I was in love, not only me, I guess.
I wonder if Dream, Coffee too would not be cold soon….
Shall I meet you at somewhere….

*Hideki Kaji
It’s Hideki’s leaving Party at last gig for a while.
I’m so sad….but special gig for this 3 times were each amazing.
Simple set but it’s really at home.
I really wish he will play back soon here.

Hideki will play at Shibuya, Tokyo O-CREST/Live! Second Royal w/Satoru Ono, Rufus in Japan on 5th April!
Check if you are in Japan, Must go there!
Also, organizer Second Royal label X Queens Of Sounds collaboration stuff on there!
Check if you are in Japan, Must get it there!

He got a new band Check!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1