Friday, 23 May 2008

Doping Panda from Tokyo in UK!!

Yutaka Furukawa from Doing Panda
vo.&g. Yutaka Furukawa (YTK/rock star)

Hayato  from Doing Panda
ds.&cho. Hayato (8810/handsome guy)

Kikuchi san is designer  &  Yutaka  from Doing Panda
Mototoshi Kikuchi art director from Tokyo & Yutaka

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*Member : vo.&g. Yutaka Furukawa (YTK/rock star)
b.&cho. Taro Houjyou (trotti /base ball player)
ds.&cho. Hayato (8810/handsome guy)

*They are big popular band from Tokyo, Japan. I heard theirs sales and gig are always very very well in Japan.
They played some big festival and lots of people couldn’t get in the venue. Full and Full.
They started to provide theirs popular in UK now. They had play UK tour and Big festival in Brighton called “The Great Escape”. Audience reaction were very very well and got success.They will get back in UK very soon. I will hopefully ask to play in my party. They are amazing. So, They don’t still have lots of fun in UK and another country. So, please add to friend on myspace.
Also, my old friend Mr Kikuchi who designed art director for Doping Panda and lots of famous band in Japan cover jacket.
Last time he came in London for doing exhibition. It’s all cool design. He released his art book in Japan. It’s book chart No.1! I introduce here some great works for him. I have to learn from him…..

*Mototoshi Kikuchi art director from Tokyo Web :

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