Friday, 9 May 2008

Late Of the pier New Song Video "Focker " on 19 May Release!!

TV interview Faley & Potter From Late Of The Pier

Faley & Potter From Late Of The Pier
*Tv interview Faley & Potter at Barfly!!

Faley & Potter From Late Of The Pier
Faley & Potter at barfly!!

*Sam!! Photo by Duck in Fog (Tim)

At Nottingham gig
Video By

It's so amazing and fun promotion Video!

*late Of The Pier
*My Space :

*My love's come back here with theirs new single!!
When I watched the promotion video I had a lots of laugh.
I really like colour variation. It’s gave me lots of inspiration!
Please check it out!!
Also, Sam wear vertigo T his home town at Nottingham gig version!
Also, Faley wear vertigo T on TV interview!
You can on youtube in future if you are in UK onair is really soon.
Anyway,,they are really looking forward to seeing Japanese fan in Sommer Sonic!
You have to see them in there! Don't forget to listen before theirs singls.

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1