Monday, 9 February 2009

New QOS Collection!! - Anna at Stereo Total Gig

Anna wears QOS Red border sweatshirts!

Anna wears QOS Gray & Navy border hoody!

Anna wears QOS check water proof Zip jumper


*It's new New QOS Collection part1!
I got nice border fabric.It's very comfortable!!
And Red check Waterproof hoodie was stock out and new black check Waterproof hoodie as well good quality.It's easy to be coordinate!It's version Yellow x White stripe version as well. Ill show you in next blog!

So,Anna askefd go out to see a gig of Stereo Total who come from Berlin.
They were smash hit in 15 years ago! I still love theirs song "Holiday inn"
I took a vocalist Françoise but my camera was go well again....I'm so sorry.
We were really enjoy.I had seen them since 10 years ago, looks change but still so fun!!I really loved Berlin electric pop scene like bungalow label.
Enjoy her lovely gig below.

well,,,Françoise Cactus will do exhibition at Galerie Crystal Ball in Berlin!
It will opening party and performance on 20 February!!If you know someone in Berlin, tell about it!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1