Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sliimy & QOS Special Bow tie at Hoxton Bar and Kitchin.

Sliimy & QOS Special Bow tie!!

Sliimy & QOS Special Bow tie!!

*French POP star
*Myspace : www.myspace.com/sliimy

*An Amazing Vocalist Sliimy from France! He have been to Japan for Summer Sonic!My friend Mii recommend me his songs!Yeah,He has beautiful voice and lovely dance! I can't stop listening his album"Paint Your Face" at the moment!Also,I really like his promotion video!" Trust me" is like in my world! Colourful and simple pop!!
Also,Britney's Song "Womanizer"Cover is very good!
I thought he needed bow tie lot,I brought QOS special bow tie for him!!Super suite,sweet!He is very lovely character,nice and polite!He is kind to lots of pose on my camera! We said "Kawaiii""(cute in Japanese.)Lots!!LOL!!
So Fun lots!He make many people happy!! He is just 20 yearsand a POP star from France St Etienne.It's real new entertainer!! Can't wait his future!
Thank you, Sliimy! Don't miss his show below!!

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