Sunday, 2 August 2009

Yuki at Mystery Jets gig at Field Day 2009

Yuki at Mystery Jets gig at Field Day 2009


*Mystery Jets big fan yuki took me to Field Day festival which was in East London.I couldn't see Mystery Jets gig for age! They looks so fine and amazing arrange all songs improved all style.It was so fun.
Yuki got finally theirs set list!Lucky you!
Mystery Jets is making 3rd album now.They showed 2 new song on the festival.It's good pop tunes"Lady Grey"! Also,Amazing last song "Behind The Bunhouse".
The beginning scene,Blaine like a baby from godness!
Check below video and wait theirs new album.
When I got new QOS stuff,I would love to ask them in this page!!
I met "Keiko san" a girl from Japan to see them, she found our logo bag,and asking me with her friend!!Thanks!!
I know lots of peoples expect about it for lovely boys.
Sorry,we couldn't make it the after party.Hoped mystey jets DJ as well great!!
We gonna catch them soon!

Mystery Jets "Behind The Bunhouse" at Field Day 2009

Mystery Jets New Song "Lady Grey" at Field Day 2009

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