Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nick from Kyte & QOS brand new design at Hoxton!

Nick from Kyte

Nick from Kyte
It's brand new design "Snow wool cardigan" It's fabric looked like snow but it's very warm!

Nick from Kyte
Nick from Kyte
It's brand new design as well. Shoulder string jumper.
One point design looked so cool!

Nick from Kyte
It's his favourite one! It's fabric from his city "Leicester" & Love Moon T shirts.
He is Moon, Moon & Moon which is an amazing perfect photo!

Nick from Kyte
5Colour Limited Hoody which is very warm brushed loop back, good quality hoody!

*Nick Moon
*Vocal from Kyte

*Many peoples have sent me message model request for Nick, kyte before 3 years ago.
Everybody had written me Nick could be suite QOS clothes so much.(Prantron members loves kyte so much and realised QOS Xmas party gig!)
Finally, I'm very happy to show you his photos!
Yes, he is a great like his songs!
We don't have time it was before QOS Party!
Nick had to go to Pizza Express! I had to go to the venue!
Well, even it was very short time but I think it's great!!
I'd love to ask him at another time for another shooting soon!

*More Nick x QOS Photo!!

*3年くらい前からずっとKyteのNickをぜひQOSにというリクエストを結構いただいていて、やっと今回登場していただくことになりました。すんごいナイスな方で感動!!シャイって聞いていたので嫌とかいわれたらどうしようと怖かったけれさくさくとこなしてくれて本当にひと安心。そして新作も超お似合い!ワインxネイビーのフーディがかなり気にいってくれて僕これ!って飛びついてました。うれしいですね。しかもその生地は彼の出身のレスター地方で生産されたもの。 彼のみよじのMoon と Love Moon Tがまたいいコラボで本当にいい感じではないでしょうか?

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