Saturday, 11 December 2010

QOS Party on Japanese Weekly London Newspaper Journey

QOS Party on Japanese Weekly London Newspaper Journey

*Japanese Weekly London Newspaper "Journey"

*QOS Party is picked on this week recommend event on Journey!!
Get One copy at Japan Center London or MISTUKOSHI Etc,,,,
(I did logo design below AD "Baroque"! )

Thank you so much!
It's very appreciate!
Please Come down & don't miss the night!!

The Venue open at noon - midnight! So, come early and get Garagara!!
£ 7 on the day!
Rush!Advance £ 5 with email to
Or Here I'm attending!(£ 5 list here Close time : 15:00 12/12/2010)
Please Add your name on Xmas Party on 12 December 2010 at Hoxton!! Soon!!

It's gonna be busy!!
New Design will show you soon x


*ロンドンの週刊新聞ジャニーのイベント欄に載せていただきました!感謝です!! 本当にイベントの方お見逃しなく!!ジャーニーはジャパセンか三越などでゲットしてくださいね!


Ticket : 当日 £7

または Facebookをやってる方はイベントページで I'm attending!にチェックしてください!



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