Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rhys "Spider" Webb From The Horrors

Rhys "Spider" Webb From The Horrors
Photo by Rie Umahashi

*Rhys "Spider" Webb From The Horrors

*Queens Of Sounds popular best photo is always Rhys "Spider" Webb From The Horrors!
Lots of people loves last QOS photo with The Horrors. Yes, me too!
I'm very happy Spider got back here. He was so lovely nice for this shooting!
The Horrors will release new album in this July!
The vocalist Faris Badwan will release new album as new his band "Cat's Eyes" on April.
They gonna show many exciting stage soon!
Can't wait to see them again!

Well, one things, I guess I feel I have similar music taste with Spider from his DJ.
I wanted him a recommend a Japanese cool band called "Dexied the Emons"
I used to go to see them at Shinjyuku Tokyo.

*Queens Of Sounds で一番人気のある写真ってHorrorsのスパイダーさんの写真なんです!!
お世話になりました!ありがとう。そして鏡いっぱいみてく可愛くきめてくれたスパイーダーさんめちゃ可愛かったです。そしてThe Horrorsは今年の7月に3rdアルバムをリリース予定らしいです。
ヴォーカルのファリスは来月4月に"Cat's Eyes"という新バンドでアルバムを出すそうです。


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