Monday, 21 February 2011

Dan From Fenech-Soler at Rough Trade

Daniel Soler From Fenech-Soler

Daniel Soler From Fenech-Soler

Daniel Soler From Fenech-Soler

*Daniel Soler From Fenech-Soler

*The vocalist Ben was busy for Media interview.
Dan did instead of him for some another new QOS Stuff.
Anagram V neck is brand- New item.
Over Print & V is since 2 number colour.
Dan's idea how to wear it, He wears on long black sleeve,yeah, still in cold winter now!
He is a really good looking boy,any item very suite!
So sorry I missed a nice vocalist not in here...anyway hope next time!

新作のAnagram のV出ました! 2カラーナンバー以来のV ネック、オーバープリントで今回は元の版をさらに大きく拡大していて下までより脇も下もオーバープリントになってます!そしてダンくんどうやって着ようか考えてくれてやっぱ冬だし長そでの上にそのまま着てみてくれました。

Fenech Soler - Demons out Now!!
このサイン入りはQOS のショッピングサイトで特別オファーします!!

Fenech-Soler " Lies" at Rough Trade

Fenech-Soler "Stop and Stare" at Rough Trade

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1