Friday, 2 March 2012

Jonathan & Jacob from The Drums at New York Bakery Breakfast Club


Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham From The Drums

*Wake up
It's a beautiful morning... (It's "Let's go surfing"lyrics)
for The drums gig at 8:30am in the morning dance with some nice beagles sandwich and cafe!
I really like Jonathan Dance!! So cute!! I'm always trying to copy his dance!!
I really like their music inspire from " Orange Juice"! I used to listen lots of Postcard Records in Scotland songs like Aztem Camera as well! I was really inspired Neo Aco secne!!( Japanese say it in the Scene I think say in English Post punk.)

Also, Jonathan wears Queens Of Sounds New purple mohair cardigan for Spring!!
He told me My photo of him at last time was very good photo!!
I was exciting to have taken this dancing photo even though they were hard schedule and early morning.
Lovely guys,Thank you and see you come back in London soon!!

Thank you for the breakfast from New York Bakery co.

Well, The Drums new album "Portamento" amazing!!
They played at the event!!

The Drums "Days" At New York Bakery Breakfast Club

The Drums "How It Ended" At New York Bakery Breakfast Club

Also The Drums will play in Yokohama,Japan

*Wake up

It's a beautiful morning...
Let's go surfing の歌詞のように朝8時半というありえない時間からのThe Drums
のギグに行ってきました! ベーグルサンドウッチ、コーヒー付きのイベントで食べながら大好きなジョンさんダンスのマネしてました。彼らの曲は"Orange Juice"という80'sのスコティシュバンドに影響されているっていろんなところで言ってますよね。日本語ではネオアコって言われて親しまれていました。英語だとポストパンク。私もかつてよくPostcard レコードという大元の一つになったバンドとかよく聞いていたので親近感わきます。特にAztec Cameraとか好きでしたよ。Roddy Frame!

そしてジョナサンが着ているのはQueens Of Soundsの新作のモヘアーカーディガン。薄くって軽いのでほんと春にもってこいです!


Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1