Sunday, 11 March 2012

Pray For Japan badge by Queens Of Sounds One Year later today...

Pray For Japan badge by Queens Of Sounds at La Reine Reinette Osaka

Pray For Japan badge by Queens Of Sounds

The disaster in North Japan had just one year ago. I do pray for all of victims and the future. Then,QOS made badges(Big helped by John from A better badge for a small donation plan at la reine Reinette Osaka. A few days ago, Yuri as the represent has sent ¥6102 to Peoples in North Japan through Red Cross. Thank you so much for helping this plan. This plan is still going to continue at Reinette or some point. I really wish it will get well as soon as possible!! 

A better badge Of Soundsのバッチ募金企画を大阪のla reine Reinetteの方でさせてもらいました。数日前Reinetteで働くゆりさんが代表して赤十字を通して ¥6102を被災地の方に送金してくださいました。
この企画はまだ大阪のReinetteさんの方で引き続き行ってくださるそうでなので、ぜひまたご協力お願いします。また他にもどこかでこういう企画ができたらと思ってます。本当に一日も早い復興を願っております! 辛いこと多いですが、がんばって行きましょう!

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