Wednesday, 30 April 2008

POP LEVI at Water Rats


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*Pop Levi is absolutely a really sexy guy. He was the really funny on this shooting. He climb up a shake chair on Table. He was little bit drunk after his show. He is so nice and fun. He checked these photo, he was satisfied. Yes, It’s a nice shot he made his space on there. Also, It's really suite coordinate his white suits and blue T-shirts and hat. It was Pop Levi’s rave night as well his show.
I thought he is American, but he was born in London and lives in LA now. His feeling was really friendly like American for me. Cheers lots. He could back in UK for performing the show at sometimes. When He will play in London, Check his show. Also, he never been to Japan, he will expect to visit in there one day. Good Luck!!!

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