Sunday, 20 April 2008

Lo-Fi-Fnk at Camden Crawl Electric Ballroom Video

*Photo by ClubMotherfucker

*August Hellsing,Leo Drougge
*Lo-Fi-Fnk X Queens Of Sounds Photo

I’ve been pushed them especially on my site when they would often come to London for debut album tour from Stockholm. I have some sweet memories with them. They wear some my clothes on theirs gig. I can’t forget I met them at first time They were really kindly and how lovely & sweet. I’m happy theirs success at all the time.
But I couldn’t see them for age, so they were making another album and America tour lots. Not in London. Missed lots. Well, Today, I’ve been to see there’s more power up gig at Camden Crawl at Electric Ballroom. It was so amazing. it was so fun! August Dance is still great!And I could listen a new song. I took the Video. Check!
I watched already lots of time now!
So, I wish we could do something again soon with a new cute drummer too.
I can't wait new album.
Tack Tack for a great show!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1