Sunday, 8 March 2009

Justin & Starg from Beggars at The Lexington

Justin from Beggars
Justin from Beggars

Starg from Beggars

*Justin Girdler(Bass), Starg(Key) from Beggars
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*It's no see Beggars for age!! I missed them. They changed style a little, more great, yes, I really still like the sweet sounds and theirs lovely kind character,enjoy!!
I really hope them to play in London again soon!
A good modeling sweet,Justin wear QOS new navy cardigan,which is simple and good suite for most inner item.
A cool nice,Starg wear checker jumper,which double fabric inside, it's strong and good quality stuff!! I wrote blurb in case,it's good at sometimes??

Please watch theirs show below!!

Beggars "Lie upon Lie" at The Lexington London

Beggars "The Decision" at The Lexington London

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1