Saturday, 2 May 2009

Televised Crimewave & Kapil from Mystery Jets & Yuki at The Victoria

Televised Crimewave
Televised Crimewave

Tom & Dan from Rob from Televised Crimewave
Tom & Dan

Kapil from Mystery Jets & Yuki
Kapil from Mystery Jets( & Yuki

Craig with a free poket tissie from Japan, you will get more and more on the street in Tokyo!

All Photo : Yuki & Wendy

*Televised Crimewave
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*Televised Crimewave's EP was relesed in Japan!!Congratulations!!
It's good amazing news from them!Hopefully,they will play in Japan soon.
The guitarist Rob had already visited in Japan before 3years ago.
He was enjoy in there,especially Spa town Nikko and really expect to get back with the band mate.Cool! I really wish you will be there soon!
Also,They will do suporting for Mystery Jets in Manchester on July!
Kapil was pop in the venue at the night.I met him another party a few hour ago, and again to see him at TVC gig. He was so drunk!! but so fun.
Mystery Jets Big fan Yuki was so excited to see him and did play "Two Doors Down" drum part on the table together!Nice Nice!!
Hopefully,we can see TVC for suporting for Mystery Jets in London soon!
Thank you all for here xxxx

HMV in japan!!!! yes way! xxx
Japanese E.P out already now!! It's HMV in japan! Congratulations!!

Televised Crimewave "Listen and Repeat" cool promotion video!

Mystery Jets Big fan Yuki's recommand video!!"Two Doors Down "

Kapil is a fun guy!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1