Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Tahiti 80 at Hoxton Bar And Kitchen

Xavier & Pedro from Tahiti 80
Xavier & Pedro

Sylvain from Tahiti 80

Xavier from Tahiti 80

Pedro from Tahiti 80

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*I've not seen them lately since 3 years ago.I was waiting!Tahiti 80 from Paris!They are a french band sing in English, the sounds are pure sweet lovely melody.They have encountered a fair amount of success in Japan for debut album"Puzzle"on 2000 to now.They will play at Summer Sonic in this summer!!It's 3 times already!Yeah,one of popular french band!
Actually,I would often meet Xavier in Paris at somewhere when I was living in there.It's long time ago,I met them at first time.
Then, I was just living in Paris, I couldn't speak French and English at all. I need my friend of translation.So,I'm happy to speak with them by my terrible french.
We got old from then and grow up.
I'm 10years fan already for them!!
Good things!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1