Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge DJ set

Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge
Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80

Mederic & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge
Xavier has a watering can!!

Reebok Staff & Xavier from Tahiti 80 at Reebok lounge
Reebok Staff & Xavier at Reebok lounge showroom

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*That was so amazing place and a nice time,Thank you so much for invite.Mederic & Xavier did DJ for Reebok Party in London.He played 60's sounds and some electric stuff mixed. Someone played Ride song. He run away to dance floor.Yeah I do.Lots of nice song we really enjoy at there!Also,I'm very happy Mederic & Xavier wear QOS suff at there.So cool.
Tahiti 80 fashionable in Japan,they do corroboration with Levi’s.
Details below!! Amazing and so cute a poket for guitar pick!!

Levi’s ×TAHITI 80 Special 505 Model in Japan!!
It's second time corroboration!!

*As French pop band Tahiti 80 wrap up their recent Asian tour to promote their 2008 Activity Center album, the group had the the good fortune of lining up with Levi’s on a commemorative Levi’s 505 model. The unconventionally fitting denim features a number of highlights and details such as a striped gadget pocket and keychain as well as a bright red top button. In a final touch, each pair also comes with a Tahiti 80 guitar pick. Available now at
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But Sold out!!
I wanted it!!

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