Thursday, 4 June 2009

Ben From Hockey at Pure Groove

Ben From Hockey

Ben From Hockey

Ben From Hockey

*Vocal From Hockey

*Hockey is brand new band from US and getting hot in UK now!!
Ben is an amazing vocalist in there!He is lovely performance and character which made easy to be fan of them!!
He wears QOS new groovy pop number polo shirts! He love it! and when I star to take some photo,some professional photographer were coming to us, They start to take many photo of him!Oioi I asked him on my site,I lacked concentration to take his photo.Where these photo go?,these photographer!!
But it's good he attracted many people attention now!
Hockey released new single "Learn To Lose ""Too Fake" OUT NOW!
They will appears many UK festival!!
I do hope he wears the polo on his amazing lovely stage!!

Hockey "Too Fake "at Pure

Hockey "Work"at Pure Groove

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1