Sunday, 21 June 2009

Masaki & Ikuko at Paris

Masaki & Ikuko
*Masaki, Ikuko


*Ikuko, Editor

*I've been Paris. My old and great friend Masaki took me to Wine lecture. He lived in Paris for 10 years. He knows lots of wine. He always teach me lots of education since I've live in Paris. He is an amazing mate.
I had some special wine called JURA is French wine produced in the Jura département. Located between Burgundy and Switzerland, this cool climate wine region produces wines with some similarity to Burgundy and Swiss wine. Jura wines are distinctive and unusual wines, the most famous being vin jaune(Yellow Wine).

I had these appellation wine.

Crémant du Jura,Arbois,Côtes du Jura

Yellow Wine - Château-Chalon
It took 6years and 3 month to make.

I'm not storong for wine, but these wine is deep taste and easy to drink.
But I forgot already what's taste it is now! I'm poor for the wine!

Thank you for invite Masaki. I got a little bit wine culture! See you soon x

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