Friday, 12 June 2009

Non at Eel Pie Island

Non at Eel Pie Island

Henry from mystery Jets

*Eelpie Island --- in the River Thames at Twickenham in London, can be reached only by footbridge or boat.

*My friend mystery jets fan Non from Japan, She took me a sightseeing in Eelpie island in bad weather!!She had visited there before! Henry of Blaine from Mystery jets dad is still living in the place. I'm very happy,Mystery Jets photo shooting was there! Henry wore Queens Of Sounds scarf! It's memorial place I visited there at first time. Henry didn't there on the day,unfortunately.
Eelpie Island used to be rock island.There were a venue called Eel Pie Hotel in 60's. The Rolling Stones,The Who,The Yardbirds,Pink Floyd played there.
Music island in London!

Non at Eel Pie Island
Non introduced Mystery Jets - Diamonds in the Dark video place!!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1