Saturday, 5 February 2011

Elizabeth from Summer Camp & QOS Logo New Plectrum collection

Elizabeth Sankey from Summer Camp

Elizabeth Sankey from Summer Camp

Elizabeth Sankey from Summer Camp

*A lovely vocalist Elizabeth Sankey from Summer Camp

*I really like Summer Camp sounds, They are an amazing both vocal harmony!
I can't stop listening theirs music lately.
And Elizabeth is a lovely cute. I'm happy to take her photos with QOS new Jewellery items!
It's New Plectrum collection White are new!!
Multicolour chain are really original QOS and acrlic logo pearl Neck-less!
It's good Suite for theirs sounds!
But I forgot my good camera then,, I don't know why Many things lately,I was so stupid! 
Hard in London!
So, I want to take her another soon!!

*最近ずっと気になっていたSummer Campのエリザベスちゃんに新作を紹介してもらいました!

Queens Of Sounds Jewellery - QOS Logo Plectrum collection with Lucky Sticker
It's QOS Logo New Plectrum collection Free Lucky Sticker!!
Moon = Called Tsuki in Japanese! Also the same pronounce Tsuki in Japanese means "Luck"
Rabbit = Leap and promotion! and everything will be ◎ Happy ♥!!


New Jewellery QOS acrylic Logo Pearl Neck-less
新作 アクリルクラウンとサークルパール ネックレス
詳細 -->

After watching theirs gig I remind that boy I saw before,,,but I can't remember when,,,,I was thinking for long time on the train,,, Ah, yes, 2 years ago, I saw him at catch bar and he was quite unique and fancy at there and took a photo in hide then,,sorry if I was wrong person!

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1