Friday, 15 July 2011

Kitty, Daisy From Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

*Kitty, Daisy From Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

*Lovely, Cute Sisters Kitty, Daisy for my shooting.
They released Brand new 3rd album "Smoking In Heaven".
I watched theirs release event. I'm really into a song called "Messing With My Life" at the moment,which sound remind me a feel Retro 50's - 60's along PV except only throw out mobile.
It's quality all. I really like theirs additional concept from 40's- 50's fashion and rock n roll, country blues sounds.
Live was so amazing with theirs Dad & Mum. I heard Mum was a member of girls band in 1977-1984 called "The Raincoat. These family stage is more strong and powerful bond great sounds. Also, I heard they are poplar in Germany as well.
They played 2 shows at Fuji Rock festival in last year so, I think they were known in Japan.
I hope they will get back to play in Japan with the new album.

*可愛らしい姉妹Kitty, Daisy を撮影してきました。3作目になる新作アルバム"Smoking In Heaven"
のリリースイベントがあったので行ってきました。最近ずっと新曲の"Messing With My Life"が気に入って聞いてました。彼らのPVとかもそうなんですが、50年代~60年代のレトロファションだったり、ロックンロール、カントリー、ブルースな音楽がものすごくおしゃれで可愛くかっこいいです。
お母さんは70年代後半から80年代頭にかけて活躍したガールズバンドThe Raincoatのメンバーでもあったそう。

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