Thursday, 28 July 2011

Queens Of Sounds Anagram Sholder bag - Kai Weller

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*Kai Weller

*I've been to Berlin in Germany. My Friend Saskia took us to 48 hours gallery event.
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The event which most of gallery in a parts of Berlin opened space for arts for 2 whole night.
We went out there after midnight, lots of people still had the party on the street, gallery and bar.
It was quite nice atmosphere. As walking and walking for 30 minutes, We found Saskia's friend Kai's space.
His art work are very sensitive and hight quality oil painting. We really like them and impression stuff.
He explained us his arts well. He drew about inside view which is his imagination from Berlin zoo.
I just had been to Berlin the before day. I found it easy where it is.
So I hope to get back to see something new art creation in Berlin soon.

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