Saturday, 23 July 2011


HYPER JAPAN Kitty girl by <span class=
HYPER JAPAN Kitty girl, a photo by queensofsounds on Flickr.

Lolita fashion show member!

HYPER JAPAN Kitty girl
hand made kitty guitar!

Amazing make up


*Hyper Japan

*I went to Japanese big exhibition "Hyper Japan" at London Olympia.
So many peoples at there. Lots of people didn't get in who were waiting outside massive long queue. I found many lovely Lolita fashion girls and animation costume peoples which was so amazing!
A Hello Kitty Girl was so cute! Lot's of people loves Hello Kitty in there that had some item in fashion. Also, Food section were amazing good deal. I took some photo for here.
I really like Manbonsai ( last picture)is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers with some funny figure.
I really enjoy the big event, Definitely Japanese culture is Special and amazing!


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