Saturday, 13 August 2011

Queens Of Sounds plectrum -Littele Barrie

Queens Of Sounds plectrum -Littele Barrie by queensofsounds
Queens Of Sounds plectrum -Littele Barrie, a photo by queensofsounds on Flickr.

*More Photo :
*Barrie Codogan

*I really like top photo of Barrie which is my favorite one!
I'm so glad the shooting with him again at theirs album event.
I enjoyed to listen cool rock n roll sounds again!

LITTLE BARRIE will play at BEACH stage on 14 sun at Summer Sonic Tokyo!
Barrie will play in Primal Scream on 13th at Summer Sonic Osaka!
I don't know why not both,,, but enjoy them if you will be there!
I 'd love to go right now in Tokyo!!

LITTLE BARRIEは日曜日の14日のBEACHステージです!
13日の大阪はPrimal Screamでバリーさん出演です!

Barrie from Littele Barrie

Lewis from Littele Barrie
Lewis from Littele Barrie

Little Barrie "I can't wait" at Rough Trade East

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1