Thursday, 11 August 2011

Viva Brother!

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Lee Newell,Sam Jackson and Frank Colucci from Viva Brother

Sam from Viva Brother

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Lee Newell from Viva Brother at Barfly with QOS badge! ♥ Japan!

I found Viva Brother's shutter at the shoes shop in Brixton. I hope this isn't damage from riot, still keep in good condition.
街のあちこちにViva Brotherのシャッターがあって驚き。これはBrixtonで撮ったのですが、

*Viva Brother
*Another photo:

*I really fun the shooting with Viva Brother!They are so lovely and nice!
Summer Sonic in this weekend! Viva Brother member are already in Japan now.
they will play the 5th band at Main stage before Beady eye and the Strokes!
Also,They play headline show at Tokyo and Osaka. Sorry Tokyo finished.
Details to​rtist/2011/08brother/
That's cool!
I really loved 90's rock sounds. I remind it lots from theirs sounds.
I listed lots theirs album "Famous First Words" lots recently which producer is Stephen Street who worked with BLUR,THE SMITHS.It's good, well, Gig was Awesome.I was really enjoy at Barfly!
So, you can't miss theirs live!
I learned theirs name had to change from Brother which the same band in Australia lately.
They had put on Viva which is good naming!!
If you are in Japan,Enjoy with them at Big Hot Festival and CLUB QUATTRO Osaka on 15 August!!
Don't miss!!

*人気上昇中のViva brother と撮影させていただきました。
そしてサマソニではBeady eye 、 the Strokesがでるメインステージでのライブ。
曲調は私はとりわけ90’sの曲が大好きなので彼らはツボで彼らのアルバム、ブラーやスミスを手がけたStephen Streetが自らプロデュースを名乗り出て作られた "Famous First Words" は最近特によく聞いてます。ライブも見させていただいたのですがものすごくよかったです。
あと彼らの話題で必ず出てくるのは最近BrotherからViva brotherに名前が変更になったこと。

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