Sunday, 21 August 2011

Queens Of Sounds Rabbit brouch - Nao

Queens Of Sounds Rabbit <span class=
Queens Of Sounds Rabbit brouch - Nao, a photo by queensofsounds on Flickr.

Queens Of Sounds Rabbit brooch

*Nao love the country music and rock roll like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Little Barrie
who did coordinate with A Rabbit is running brooch.
It's design from a wish all the life leaping, going up and gets lots of happiness!
I wish everyone can be happy at time! Get lots of luck!
Also, the rabbit has 2 partten design going to left and right.
Because the image that each rabbits are going to meet up on the way!
I will release some good luck item in future! Rabbit, Love it!!

* カントリーやBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club, Little Barrieなロックンロールな音楽が大好きななおさんがラビットが走ってるブローチをコーディネートしてくれました。

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1