Friday, 29 August 2008

Jack from Foals at The Cross King

Jack From Foals

*Jack Bevan
*A Great Drummer from Foals
*Myspace :

*Angel Smile Jack!! I’m really appreciated for him. He is on my site lots!! Lots of people love Jack!! He is a great drummer and gentle man. He turned boy to man in this only 1 year! He grow up and grow up as well his drumming which is super amazing! Please watch the below Video at tiny pub! He is very very hard to play on lots of tour in the world in lately. So, Foals played Fuji Rock in Japan in this summer! I got a picture they were signing from Maco. Thank you so much.actually I have a lots of message about him. please be more! Jack is really great super model on QOS and he is even life model now. He is amazing and really bright now! I’m very very happy his success. So, I'm sure Jack helped lots here and could be released the compilation! Very appreciate, Thank you so much, Jack and keep well here xxxx
PS.I say lots about love Foals album"Antidotes"!!

*Jack x QOS photo

Hana & Maco with Foals at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan!
Maco at Fuji Rock for signing foals! Thank you for the photo here!

Foals "XXXXXX" at The Cross King

Foals "Red Socks Pugie" at The Cross King

Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1