Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Summer Sonic Japan Snap Shot

Non at Summer Sonic in Japan!

Non at Summer Sonic in Japan

At Sumeer Sonic in Japan
Photo by Rie Okubo

Hana & Maco at Summer Sonic in Japan!
Hana & Maco
Photo by Rie Okubo

Hana's LOTP Album Sign in Summer Sonic Japan!
Hana got Sign from Late Of The Pier, They wrote QOS rule??? Thanx.

*Andrew Faley / Late of the pier
*Photo by LuxTonnerre

*I heard from Rie in Japan lots of people wore QOS T in Summer Sonic! Faley LOTP was really suprised as well, she send me some photo in there. Faley took some photo for QOS wears persons. He might to show me in future. If you wear QOS T in summer sonic, Please send me a photo!! Thank you so much for wearing always. Love xxxxx

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