Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lord Auch at Hoxton

Lord Auch ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

*Lord Auch
Danny prescott,Si McCabe,Liam

*My best new favorite band is Lord Auch now!! They were different with my vision at first, I don't know why I really like theirs sounds now after seeing theirs gig! They are hot! I’m really happy to have been theirs song in QOS compilation. They are so cool in theirs gig. I could make it most of their gig in London. If you are in London, I really recommend to see them. They has tour date now. I’d love to come all if I could.
I read about Liam is a professional model as well in Japanese news paper site for long time ago when he was playing at Courtney Love as look like Court Cobain. I watched his video on her site. I was disappoint it, I couldn’t find Court on there.
Liam was Liam! And found Micko (Ex- Larrikin Love) on the same video, I was so missing him!!
Actually, I heard Liam was on Burberry advertisement for 4years ago. (Incidentally, Jack from foals yesterday blog is now on Burberry advertisement!) So, He is model but he is a nice guitarist! Come to see them and listen the sounds with me!
I can't wait to see them on next gig!

Lord Auch "Maredo" at Old Blue Last
(#8 song on QOS Compilation!)

Lord Auch "The Dig inn" at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
(Debut Single song available the copy)

Si From Lord Auch ♥
*Lord Auch "Mareo" is track 8 on QOS compilation!
It’s 1000 copy limited! You can get Lord Auch limited Signed card at Disk union Shinjyuku,Shimokitazawa,Yokohama kannai.
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It will buy it as well at Tower records in Japan and some retail records shop, and Amazon JP.
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Queens Of Sounds Compilation Vol.1